MicroPC is an embedded industry standart for building reliable PC-compatible systems for control and data acquisition. Modular design, high reliability and robustness make MicroPC excellent choice for system integrators.



Wide functionality and high reliability of these processor modules make them an ideal choice for industrial, transportation, and municipal engineering automation systems developers. Ethernet, CAN and standard PC interfaces support accelerates control systems development and implementation.

CPC108 – MicroPC Processor Module

CPC108 is a compact yet fully x86compatible SBC in MicroPC format, designed for fanless operation in harsh environments. Key system components, such as processor, 256 or 512 MB of system memory, and 64 MB solid-state disk are soldered on board, providing high shock and vibration stability.
High system reliability and availability are ensured by two independent watchdog timers, reserved BIOS, and optoisolated remote reset capability. CPC108 offers wide choice of standard PC interfaces onboard, such as Fast Ethernet, FDD/LPT port, COM and USB ports, PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, and audio interface. Video controller sharing up to 60 MB of memory with system supports CRT monitors with resolutions up to 1920×1440, and EL, TFT and DSTN flat panels with resolutions up to 1600×1200. Supported color depth is 18-bit via TFT interface, and 24-bit via LVDS interface.
Moreover, the board has two isolated CAN field bus channels available, allowing to control a real time distributed system. CPC108 can serve either as a master module controlling two CAN network segments, or as a slave device in data acquisition and processing systems operating in industrial temperature range.
Isolated CAN channels, graphics and audio ports, keyboard and mouse ports as well as isolated reset are available through separately mounted interface expansion modules adding flexibility in system design.
CPC108 consumes only 5.5 W, does not require forced cooling. Low heat dissipation allows using CPC108 in closed and hermetically sealed cabinets. It can operate either independently, or together with expansion modules connected via 16-bit ISA bus.
Compatibility with most widespread operating systems, such as Windows 2000, XP Embedded, CE, QNX 4.25, 6.3x, RTOS32, and Linux makes system development process faster.

CPC109 – MicroPC CPU Module with Data Acquisition System

CPC109 MicroPC CPU module is a highly integrated x86 compatible solution for use in realtime control systems, in industrial automation, in data acquisition and processing.
The module can operate as a standalone or a slave device. Connection of basic input-output devices, such as VGA monitors, LCD panels, matrix and AT keyboards, printers, FDD drives, and USB devices allows using CPC109 in human operated systems.
An onboard flash drive, external IDE or USB drives can be used for data storage.
CPC109 module is capable to accomplish most of the input-output tasks for discrete and analog signals.
Besides, possibility to reprogram the onboard FPGA insystem provides extra flexibility in tailoring the module for different applications.
Along with standard MicroPC bus (8bit ISA) CPC109 is equipped with PC/104 ISA (8/16bit) connector allowing connection of additional expansion modules. Moreover, the module can operate in RS232, RS422/485, and Ethernet networks as part of a distributed system.

CPC150 – MicroPC processor Module

CPC150 is a fully x86compatible SBC designed for operation in rugged environment.
It features wide selection of standard PC interfaces, such as two Fast Ethernet ports, USB ports, audio interface, graphics controller with support of CRT displays and flat panel TFT or DSTN displays.
Besides, it is equipped with four analog video input channels supporting connection of PAL/SECAM/NTSC video cameras with resolution up to 720×576/720×504 at 25/30 frames per second; 24 discrete input/output channels; and FPGA with open programming interface.
Soldered CPU, system memory, and solid state disk enable excellent shock and vibration stability.

CPC152 – MicroPC Vortex86DX™ 600 MHz CPU Module

CPC152 module based on Vortex86DX 600 MHz CPU in MicroPC format is designed for Industrial Control System applications, including “simple” replacement of the Octagon Systems computers withdrawn from production.



DI32-5/DO32 modules are designed to connect discrete isolated inputs/outputs to the system.

AIC124 – Analog I/O Module

AIC124 Analog I/O Module in MicroPC format is designed for conversion of 16x analogsignals of DC voltage or direct current into additional 14x bit code, as well as forgeneration of output analog signals of DC voltage and direct current.

DIC120 – Programmable I/O Module

The module is implemented in MicroPC standard and is designed for input/output of 96 or 48 signals with CMOS logical levels, TTL or extension of system resources (e.g. support of additional system timers or acceleration of logical and arithmetic operations).

DIC122 – Digital Input Card with Galvanic Isolation

The card is implemented in MicroPC standard, is equipped with 32-x channels and is designed for reading the states of digital signals or measuring frequency signals with voltage levels from 3.2 to 52 V.

DIC123 – Digital Input Card with Galvanic Isolation

The Module is implemented in MicroPC standard and is designed for switching of 32-x DC voltage up to 60 V at the load current up to 500 mA.

DIC111 (UNIO96-1) – Multipurpose I/O Card

The module is a 96-channel digital I/O card in MicroPC format. UNIO96-1 accepts TTL-logic level signals.



Cost-effective and multiposition ICC card cages allow to combine up to 12 MicroPC boards of different types in one system. High mechanical reliability and easy mounting make these cages suitable for most applications.

ICC19x – ISA-8 mounting cage for MicroPC

The ICC19x card cages provide three-sides fixing of cards. Moreover, to further improve mechanical stability, an additional fixing plates can be used. The plates are supplied with each of the card cages.



MicroPC power supply modules for use in unmanned systems operating in hardtoreach areas in extreme environments.

PS151 – Power Supply Module in MicroPC format

PS151 power supply module is implemented in MicroPC format



The modules are designed to be used in systems requiring data exchange via RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / UART interfaces

NIM151 – Module of Serial Interfaces

NIM151 module is implemented in the MicroPC standard and is designed for the arrangement of RS232/RS422/RS485/UART serial interfaces. The module can be used with any CPU board or MCU of the MicroPC standard.

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