EPIC standard is most promising among embedded solutions. It combines best features of PC/104 and 5.25″ form factors. Fastwel offers EPIC high-performance solutions based on Intel Pentium M CPU.

CPC805 – EPIC Intel Atom SBC

CPC805 is a single board computer based on Intel® Atom N450 processor operating at 1.66 GHz. The core of Intel® Atom N450 processor has a unique performance to power consumption ratio.
CPC805 is designed for the systems requiring reliable embedded computers combining small size and high performance. Such systems can be used for data acquisition and processing, for video processing, in telecommunications, for building computer networks, etc. For, example, they can be devices for video communication, testing and medical equipment, traffic control systems, security and access control systems, process control systems. The StackPC* connector allows connection of additional expansion modules to CPC805.

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