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A Elma Electronic é uma das mais importantes fabricantes de gabinetes e racks industriais para equipamentos eletrônicos. Oferecem desde modelos standard a modelos completamente customizados, compatíveis com as principais plataformas do mercado, como VME, VXI, CompactPCI, entre outros. Além disso, a Elma também fabrica acessórios como fontes, teclados, chaves, encoders, botões, etc.

A Elma orgulha-se de oferecer soluções rápidas e flexivas para atender exatamente as necessidades de seus clientes.


System Solutions

Embedded System Solutions built on a broad foundation of proven chassis platforms, cabinets, storage, backplanes and components. Elma’s Systems products range from a complete line of Board Level and Storage Products, standard or custom Chassis Platforms and Application Ready Integrated Systems. The focus is to leverage proven technology based on VITA, PICMG and Small Form Factor standard architectures (VME, VPX, CPCI, ATCA , MicroTCA and SFF). Recognized as the leader in Electronic Packaging, Elma offers a fast, flexible response to customer needs and extensive practical knowledge in tailoring solutions to specific applications.

Embedded Boards

Your application demands best in class products from one supplier. Elma offers embedded computing board level products, including single board computers, mass storage, Ethernet and PCIe switches, FPGAs and custom I/O solutions. Our focus is to provide proven technology based on standard architectures like VME, VPX, CPCI, ATCA, MicroTCA, PXI and COM-Express as well as other standard and custom small form factors.


Elma Electronic is the industry expert in high-performance backplanes. Our standard product portfolio includes AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI/2.16, MicroTCA, OpenVPX, VME, VME64x, VXI, VPX, and VXS architectures. We also develop custom backplanes to meet your specifications, from initial concept to finished product.

Power Solutions

Elma’s innovative and successfully optimized power solutions cover from the smallest 0.25W converters for PCB mounting up to highly scalable 500,000W cabinets for heavy duty indoor or outdoor use. As a leading supplier of standard, value-added and customized power solutions with AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC converters, our wide range of products are available in many mounting and housing configurations.Our core design expertise in high-current PCB layout, enclosure designs, assembly and system test, insures an ideal partner for the entire assembly. Elma’s highly experienced engineering team works with you and our select partners to design a power interface solution that maximizes power efficiencies while eliminating often cumbersome cabling.Application examples include high-current PCBs for railway motor controls, power distribution for municipal services vehicles, defense and agricultural vehicles.


Optima Stantron (an Elma company) designs and manufactures custom and standard cabinets, consoles and cases to house and protect electronic equipment. This includes configurable, modular vertical 19″ rackmount cabinets and consoles, rugged and mobile racks and carts, wall- and pole-mount enclosures, and desktop/portable cases. Optima Stantron has an extensive line of vertical cabinets to effectively house and protect sensitive and critical electronics. We can meet a wide range of requirements: challenging rugged environments found in defense and aerospace applications; exposure to harsh conditions found in outdoor or factory settings; or challenging thermal requirements faced by broadcast rooms, clean labs, data and telecom centers. Optima Stantron has a cabinet for every need – browse the categories below or filter by functional categories. Our highly experienced sales team is ready to help with your configuration requirements.

Enclosures & Components

Elma is a global manufacture and supply of enclosures and components. The product portfolio consists of thousands of tooled components and enclosures ranging from single board computer (SB) small form factor applications, instrumentation enclosures to 19” rackmount enclosures and cabinets. We can also provide design and customization services. Our packaging experts will help you find the exact enclosure and components to fit your application and allow your product to operate in any environment.

Rotary Switches

Elma’s Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and other quality components from all over the world. Our rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets, Elma’s coded switches and encodersare the choice of premier two-way radio and medical equipment manufacturers globally. Elma has endeared itself to our customersbecause of our modular switch construction that allows for design modifications to existing products, even in small quantities. Our engineering staff can modify shafts, bushings and switching schemes to create a solutionforyour special requirements that can be realized quickly.Dependability and ruggedness are Elma’s core competencies.Our most popular rotary and coded switches, as well as our encoders can be optionally panel-sealed to up to IP68 against dust and moisture. Our standard shaft material for most switches is stainless steel or brass with a stainless steel option for tough environments. Our electrical contacts areplated with hard gold to ensure years of trouble-free service out in the field.

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