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Rugged and shock-resistant in-vehicle computing solutions must offer rich expansion options for deployment on a variety of vehicles and settings such as buses trains, ferries, freeways and traffic bulletin boards.

Read the following success stories to learn how Lanner’s products are being used for in-vehicle computing applications ranging from in-vehicle surveillance, fleet management, infotainment systems to other vehicle applications that require real-time voice and data communication.

Intelligent Transportation Solution Brief
(PDF, 2.97 MB)


Transportation Solutions for a Connected World

Efficient, safe and secure transportation networks are the foundation of all modern cities’ development and substantiality.


In-vehicle Recorder for Evidence Collection Vans

In-vehicle video recording is becoming commonplace on all forms of private and public transportation, making possible real-time event monitoring on cars, buses, trains and MRT for ensuring personal security and public safety.


Marine Control Systems: Video Surveillance and Monitoring on Car Ferries

Transportation infrastructure comes in various forms and all are critical to not only the movement of people and cargos but also national security.


Intelligent Transport Systems – Automatic Road Enforcement

In populous metropolitan areas where traffic flow is heavy, keeping traffic under control and maintaining road safety have become a tricky problem because of sparse traffic law enforcement.


School Bus Wifi

We have all given into the idea that commute time is generally wasted. We listen to music, but day in day out, whether headed to the office or school and back home again, we wasted countless minutes and hours a day to going back and forth.

A school bus router attached to an access point which redistributes the WiFi signal to everyone on the bus can address this issue. In a school where laptops are given instead of textbooks, long rides home become productive time, where kids can utilize the commute to do homework, or at least search the web.


Bus Surveillance Management

The demand for integrated computer systems on today’s commuter buses is increasing rapidly. With modern transportation services offering an array of multimedia information and entertainment for passengers, and evolving needs for surveillance and monitoring, the time is right for a powerful and economical integrated computing solution.


In-Vehicle Surveillance with Multi-Purpose In-Vehicle PCs

Our client is an expert in global transit security solutions. Their business was primarily in providing the software and hardware design of CCTV computers for vehicles, specifically for buses and trains, but a decision was made that they would branch out and add more features to their in-vehicle computer. By incorporating more applications, their in-vehicle computer would be more valuable.



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