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Telecom & Networking

The most stringent network security is demanded by SMEs, telecom data centers, machine to machine communications and small office/home office (SOHO) networks.

Read the following success stories to find out how Lanner's products and technologies are meeting and transforming the increasing demand for more sophisticated network and telecommunications security hardware designed for bandwidth management, IDP/IPS, load balancing, content delivery, firewall, SSL VPN, UTM and network access control.

Network Computing Solution Brief
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Network Computing Brochure
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Next Generation IP Video Delivery Solutions

In an era where high speed networks are affordable and readily available, video streaming in high quality over IP has replaced the costly video broadcasting over analog or lease lines as a more flexible and cost-effective solution. Compare with regular data transmission, stricter requirements must be met for streaming broadcast-level video over an open Internet, where uneven deliveries, packet loss and buffering are unacceptable. For high quality video broadcast services such as video on demand (VOD) and over the top (OTT), user experience very much depends on continuous and seamless packet delivery over an open Internet.


Enhancing Network Simplicity and Agility with Unified Wired-to-Wireless LAN on Lanner Network Appliances

Nowadays people connect to the Internet wherever they go with whatever devices they use.


Head-to-Head Comparison: x86 Servers versus Lanner's x86 Network Appliances

Generally speaking, the term “x86 servers” refers to computing systems that are based on Intel architecture, which is widely adopted by manufacturers due to its backward compatibility with instruction sets and scalability.


Getting Acquainted with Lanner's HybridTCA Platform for Cloud Computing

Lanner has been providing networking security hardware to big-name players since the early 2000s.


Lanner's x86 Network Appliances and the Intel QuickAssist Technology

Network security measures deployed across most of today’s enterprise network architecture usually involve SSL, data compression, VPNs or a combination of either three.


The Advantages of Lanner HybridTCA™ over ATCA Platforms

Lanner's HybridTCA™ (Hybrid Telecommunications Computing Architecture) hardware platform for carrier and enterprise customers.


Wireless Controller: Managing the Wireless Networks More Efficiently

Wireless Internet has moved from being a luxury to being an expected staple of life in hotels, conference venues, hospitals, university campuses and numerous places besides. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablet PCs the demand for wireless coverage in public spaces has increased dramatically.


WAN Optimization: Meeting the Challenge

One of the largest vendors in the US of WAN optimization and network bandwidth management solutions found this appliance perfect for their requirements. Their WAN optimization appliances provide network management functions covering: network optimization, application visibility, traffic control, and application acceleration. This enables organizations to see, control, accelerate, and optimize traffic on their WANs.


A Next-generation Application Delivery Controller

A strategically deployed application delivery controller (ADC) provides not only improved security, visibility and acceleration; it ensures the availability of mission-critical applications. One of the global leaders in ADCs approached Lanner when they were developing their latest product. As a global leader, they were not looking for a standard run-of-the-mill application networking appliance. They were looking for hardware suited for a next generation application delivery controller.


The Birth of the "ATCA-like" FX-7000 Series

A global leader in enterprise firewalls and a customer of Lanner was faced with the challenge of creating a firewall for the telecom market that could provide 20 Gbps IPS throughput, support up to 100 Gbps firewall throughput, be easily upgraded, and at the same time be offered at an entry-level price.


From Firewalls to UTM and Next Generation Firewalls

Firewalls started to become a commodity many years ago. One of the US-based companies that saw this trend early is one of Lanner’s customers today. It has taken 8 years, but today they are considered a leading company in universal threat management and next generation firewalls. Together with Lanner they’ve designed three generations of network security product lines and climbed up to their leadership position fueled by their advantages in both cost and technology.



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