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Power & Energy

Power and Energy hardware appliances must offer not only system stability and reliability for dependable operations in often harsh and extreme settings, but also maximum flexibility for system integration and expansion.

Read the success stories below to find out how Lanner products are being utilized in the power and energy sectors for power management and energy monitoring.

Power and Energy
Solution Brief

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Intelligent Solar Power Monitoring System

The mounting concerns for climate changes have had many governments seek out feasible energy solutions that are more environmental friendly and less exhaustible; one of the more popular and better developed renewable energy solutions is the solar energy and the reason being solar power systems convert readily available and inexhaustible sunlight directly into electricity with solar cells, leaving almost no carbon footprint.


The Integrated Data Communication Platform for Power Substation Management

Managing power substations has proven to be quite a challenge for the energy industry, as these power facilities are often located in far-flung remote areas where man-hours for maintenance are long and costly.


Intelligent Building Solution - Building Energy Monitoring System

The global energy shortage is now a global crisis. And actions such as energy substitution are being taken to avoid the serious social and economic implications such crisis could potentially bring.


A Communication Platform in a Wind Power Monitoring System

Wind power is a renewable source of energy and China has been actively expanding its wind installations over the past decade. Presently, China is the leader in wind power capacity, making up over 26% of the world total. Wind farms can consist of several hundred wind turbines in remote, harsh environments. Researchers believe that, with China’s land mass and long coastline providing the necessary wind resources, all of its electricity can come from wind power by 2030.


An Integrated Communication Platform with a Substation Monitoring System

It’s not too difficult for a substation automation company, based in Hebei, China, to find industrial computer manufacturers. The challenging task was finding a partner who was capable of providing low-cost customized solutions to meet their needs.



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