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Intelligent Systems

Advances in information technology over the past decade not only have blurred the line between analog data and digital data but also have brought us a level of convenience unimaginable before. We are now witnessing the convergence of different communications devices into a unified, centralized platform, further shaping how we communicate and consume information.

Read the application stories below to learn how Lanner is helping making your life easier and your city smarter.

Embedded Computing
Solution Brief

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Casino Surveillance and Security

Lanner’s Network Video Surveillance platforms provide the ideal hardware platform for casino surveillance systems.

A typical casino requires 2,000 or more digital or analog video cameras running 24 hours a day. This volume of video data is not only cumbersome, it is expensive to manage. But with today's advances in digital video technology, the price of maintaining such large surveillance systems is declining, and casinos around the world are taking advantage of these new technologies to lower costs, improve efficiency and reduce the level of complexity.


Price Checkers in the Supermarket

Most department stores, retailers and grocery stores have started to implement a system for customers to ‘price check’ items found in the store. A price checker is an electronic kiosk that allows customers to scan the barcode of any item in the store to view the price of that item. These price checkers are especially useful in bigger stores, where items get moved around, and price tags fall off. However there is no added value to the overall customer experience. The customer can access the exact same information from a price tag. If stores are providing and installing these price checking stations, they could upgrade the experience with little added cost.



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