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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is demanded by almost all segments of almost all industries for maximizing output, improving cost-efficiency and generating competitive advantages and added values.

Read the following success stories to learn how Lanner has succeeded in resolving various industrial automation computing challenges by providing proven platforms to optimize operations, management and cost-efficiency.

Embedded Computing
Solution Brief

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Embedded Computing
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Enabling Automated Packaging & Sorting with Machine Vision Systems

The manufacturing sector is facing challenges by increasing measures on traceability and regulation compliances. Manufacturers are demanded for complete visibility of their supply train, including the origins, make, and origins of the goods they receive from the suppliers. On the other hand, today’s consumer-driven market escalades the demands for high precision and efficiencies in the production phases. Therefore, automated logistic systems combined with machine visions and robotic arms are more precise and faster for repetitive routines, such as container-fill level, seals, label check, unit counting and barcodes, than traditional manual packaging and sorting. To accomplish the integration of machine visions and robotic arms, a high-performing embedded computing system is required to drive robotic guidance and vision inspection technology in order to improve traceability, automated sorting and inventory tracking.


Quenching Beverage Industry’s Thirst for Efficient Supply Chain Management

Nowadays the variety of beverage types is almost endless. They can roughly be categorized into sports drinks, energy drinks, bottled water, tea, coffee, carbonated beverages, wines/spirits and beers. Each category can be further sub-categorized based on flavors, sizes and where they are produced.


Readying for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

While most have yet to grasp the concept of Industry 4.0, Lanner has long completed its Industry 4.0 product roadmap and is now introducing its intelligent manufacturing solutions for MES, machine automation and vision inspection, enabling early adoption and system testing for Lanner’s strategic partners in preparation for developing smart manufacturing controllers and for realizing the implementation of smart factories.


LEC-7230L: Streamlining Manufacturing Execution Systems on the Factory Floor

As more and more automation takes place at mass production sites, gone are the days when operators are expected to have all the information at their fingertips, rendering complex setup of displays and control panels obsolete.


Improving Productivity with Multi-vision Inspection Systems

Machine vision uses cameras, computers and software algorithms for carrying out inspection tasks that require precise and repetitive verification and testing in high speed. Accomplishing such tasks with human vision is extremely difficult, if not impossible, because while human eyes are capable of making precise measures in details, they aren’t equipped to do so in a rapid and repetitive manner; human vision, by comparison, is error-prone and could deteriorate irreversibly when made to perform such visually intensive tasks.


Networking SCADA Industrial Control Systems

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) generally refers to an industrial control system that monitors and help control processes. SCADA can be used interchangeably to any semi-automated industrial system. Today, a SCADA system is made up of 3 parts, the main computing center, a system of sensors, and a RTU (remote terminal unit) all connected through a WAN (wide area network) system.


Climate Control and Monitoring Systems in Commercial Greenhouses

Appropriate environmental conditions are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields, and efficient use of water and other resources. Today, advances in sensors, actuators, data acquirement modules and gateway technology, both in hardware and software, have enabled distributed implementation of sensor and control action over sensor/actuator networks. By automating the data acquisition process of the variables that govern plant growth, greenhouse monitoring can be performed efficiently and with minimal human intervention.


Safeguarding Critical Facilities with Efficiency and Reliability

Securing remote and unmanned industrial facilities such as oilfields and gas pipeline is always a challenge because these off-site properties are often located in far-flung and distant rural areas where man-hours for facility maintenance are long and costly.


High Precision Laser Cutting

A leading manufacturer of laser cutting machinery in Switzerland was looking for a new computer system to install in their new product line. Their earlier product line were using full-sized industrial motherboards, which were too slow for the demanding calculations.



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