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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is one of the most effective information-sharing tools for not only business but also education, tourism and other aspects of our daily lives.

Read the following success stories to learn how Lanner’s products are being deployed at tourist attractions, retail outlets, restaurants, train/bus stations and even schools, not only shaping the way businesses market their brands and products but also transforming the way education programs are being conducted.

Embedded Computing
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Bringing 4K Resolution to Digital Signage, Content Delivery and Video Surveillance

One of East Asia’s leading providers for interactive large displays, known for its innovative visual solutions for improving the way people create, display, share and interact with information, came to Lanner with the request for a 4K digital signage Open Pluggable Standard (OPS) module, to be used for large-scale interactive display systems intended for both educational and commercial use.


Tourist Information Display at the Cristo Redentor

Public information display screens are now ubiquitous in many global tourist attractions, and serve a dual purpose of informing visitors of the details of the site, while reducing the number of queries received by staff. In many cases now the management of these sites is looking beyond one-way communication with visitors, to a situation where tourists can interact with rich media displays to learn more about the places they are visiting.


Casino Gaming Table Digital Displays

Modern casinos offer an immersive experience that includes the provision of information and entertainment to players during a game. By offering current information on the state of play at a particular table, for example including the amount of cash in the pot or details of previous winning hands, digital displays can enhance the experience of casino visitors.


A Digital Signage Software Company’s Development of Vehicle Digital Signage

A digital signage software company with over 8 years of experience was looking for an integrated solution for in-vehicle digital signage that can cope with a challenging mobile environment while maintaining service and availability levels. Their speciality is providing signage solutions to a number of commercial enterprises for their business marketing or employee communication needs.


Controlling On-screen Graphics in Live Video

ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies, a leading US-based provider of digital signage solutions, needed a reliable and customizable embedded system for their latest project, LogoIt! By allowing their customers to place dynamic graphics over live television feeds, LogoIt! offers a great way for content providers to customize their product offerings and maximize revenue.


A Platform for Reliable Digital Signage Applications

From the National Gallery of Canada to the Las Vegas Convention Center, X2O’s digital signage solution can be seen all over North America. With their award-winning Xpresenter™ platform, X2O has grown into a leading provider of digital signage, wayfinding and video wall solutions.



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