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Fundada em 2005, a Innodisk Corp. é uma empresa taiwanesa especializada no fornecimento e desenvolvimento de soluções para armazenamento flash e módulos DRAM para aplicações industriais e sistemas embedded. Com sua longa experiência e profundo conhecimento na área de memórias industriais, a Innodisk é bem conhecida por desenvolver uma série de produtos com excelente qualidade, desempenho notável, alta confiabilidade e preços competitivos.

2017 Selection Guide
(PDF, 14.4MB)




Innodisk SSDs bring a whole new level of high-performance to memory storage. Our wide selection of SSDs are designed for different applications, including industrial/embedded, enterprise server, aerospace, defense, and other semi-industrial applications, such as thin clients, POS, and kiosks. Our SSDs come in SLC and MLC types, and support PATA/IDE 44 pin, SATA II (3.0Gb/s).


Innodisk’s Serial ATA Disk on Module (SATADOM™) is the world’s smallest form factor with exclusive Pin 7 VCC built-in, which simplifies motherboard design. In addition, since it has no external cables, it is more robust and enhances the disk functions of various industrial and enterprise applications. Innodisk’s SATADOM™ also supports the SATA II interface with faster data transfer rates and is available in capacities ranging from 1GB up to 128GB.



Innodisk ServerDOM™ is dedicated to the future of server design. By using ServerDOM™ as a boot drive, there is more space for hot-swappable data storage. Innodisk ServerDOM™ is designed with SATAIII interface and compliant with server grade standard, such as supporting for Intel® RSTe. Furthermore, with our excellent development team, we are able to provide customized services to fulfill different inquires; H/W design or software integration, such as IPMI.


The Innodisk SATA Slim is compliant with the JEDEC MO-297 standard form factor and ATA protocol. It does not require drivers and can be configured as a boot device or a data storage device. It is also suitable for portable/hand-held devices, thin clients, and industrial applications that require the effective reduction of operation system boot time and power consumption. With a 7+15 pin SATA interface, the Innodisk SATA Slim supports most platforms with a standard SATA port.



The Innodisk CFast is a small form factor card standard with high data storage capacity. It is suitable for semi-industrial applications. Compliant with the CFast 2.0 standard, it is designed with a 7+17 pin connector and is SATA compatible. The Innodisk CFast offers data transfer rates of sequential read of up to 130MB/s and of sequential write up to 120MB/s.


The Innodisk mSATA is a low-profile interface connector, also known as a Mini-SATA. It enables a Serial ATA to effectively integrate into a small form-factor drive, which is roughly the size of a business card. It can also be integrated into a wide variety of the hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs) used in compact devices, such as laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices. Innodisk’s mSATA supports high-performance data transfer rates of 1.5Gb/s and 3.0Gb/s.



M.2-SATA (NGFF) stands for Next Generation Form Factor, which is comprised of several interfaces and the corresponding system interconnect based on 67pin edge card connectors. The Innodisk M.2-SATA (NGFF) offers wide range capacities in several standard form factors to fulfill different applications, including type 2242, type 2260, type 2280, and 22110.

mini PCIeDOM

The Innodisk Mini PCIeDOM is a Flash based disk module with standard Mini PCIe form factor, and PCI Express Gen.1 interface. It is suitable for board maker or SI to design in the product as a boot drive or a storage device. Meanwhile, it supports multiple operation systems and no driver needed, including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux based OS.


CompactFlash Card (CF)

Innodisk’s Industrial CompactFlash Card (iCF) provides a high-capacity solid-state flash memory solution that electrically complies with the PCMCIA* ATA standard. Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, Innodisk iCFs are embedded solid-state data storage systems that are designed for mobile computing and the industrial workplace. Innodisk’s Industrial CompactFlash Cards also feature an extremely lightweight and reliable low-profile form factor.

Embedded Disk Card (EDC)

The EDC offers high-capacity solid-state flash memory that allows simple and fast path upgrades. This embedded solid-state data storage system solution for industrial applications complies with PCMCIA* ATA standards and fits into all platforms with an IDE connector. The Innodisk Embedded Disk Card comes in capacities ranging from 128MB to 32GB and is available in 40-pin and 44-pin connector packages.


SD Card & MicroSD Card

Innodisk SD cards and microSD cards are single-level flash devices built for rugged applications in the embedded fields. As an industrial-grade SD/microSD card, these cards deliver outstanding performance of up to 20MB per second, as well as excellent endurance and reliability, especially compared to other cards used in the mobile market. Innodisk’s SD and microSD cards are compatible with SD 1.1/2.0 standards and support SDHC Class 10. They also feature S.M.A.R.T. technology, which monitors the health of these SD cards.


Innodisk’s industrial-grade USB storage solutions are built as SLC NAND flash and feature an attractive small form factor. They provides high-capacity flash memory storage while delivering faster data transmission with higher reliability. They also comply with the high-speed USB 2.0 interface and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. In addition, Innodisk USB series have a variety of special features, from plastic and metal housing to secure mounting holes to EDC and PCIe options.



The Innodisk nanoSSD is an integrated SATA storage device. It combines Innodisk ID167 NAND flash controller and latest NAND flash in a JEDEC MO-276(SATA µSSD) form factor with one single ball grid array (BGA) package, which makes nanoSSD within a tiny dimension, and very easy to design in. The Innodisk nanoSSD , supporting SATA III 6.0Gbp/s , offers excellent high data transfer rates, along with lower power consumption. It is an ideal solution for any kind of miniaturization applications.


Embedded DRAM

Server DRAM modules are more stable and deliver high-performance for multiplex and server level applications.

• Long-DIMM
• Low-Profile DIMM
• Unbuffered DIMM with ECC

Server DRAM

Server DRAM modules are more stable and deliver high-performance for multiplex and server level applications.

• Unbuffered DIMM with ECC
• Registered DIMM


Wide Temp. DRAM

Wide temperature DRAM Modules are designed for industrial systems that must work in extreme environments, ranging from –40°C to 85°C.

• Unbuffered DIMM
• Unbuffered SO-DIMM

Special Custom DRAM

Innodisk provides a range of exclusive and advanced DRAM modules to fulfill special needs, such as for rugged environments and special mini-sizes.

• 32-Bit
• Rugged
• Mini DIMM
• Single Side
• Registered SO-DIMM


Storage Expansion

Innodisk specializes in wide range of storage interface including PCIe/SATA/USB/PATA/SD. Our modules allow system integrator to expand or convert those interfaces in embedded system.

• Standard PCIe
• M.2
• Others

Disk Array

Innodisk provides RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) modules to combine multiple types of embedded flash for the purposes of data redundancy and capacity aggregation.

• Standard PCIe
• M.2
• Others


Display Card

Innodisk’s embedded graphic card features a 2D graphic engine and supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080. With fanless design, our mPCIe graphic cards to operate at -40°C to 85°C and in harsh environments. Windows and Linux drivers are supported to fit into different industrial platforms.


Communication Module

The series aim to provide flexible connectivity and bandwidth to industrial systems. With our mPCIe GbE, CANBus and serial communication modules, users can expand the existing system to meet dynamic connection under IoT.

• M.2


Testing Tool

Innodisk provides flash storage with different interfaces and form factors. In order to help customers, we also design the signal converter for testing purposes. The customer can test different types of embedded flash modules with one card.

• Standard PCIe
• Other


iSLC Innodisk Proprietary Technology

iSLC is proprietary flash memory storage technology that was developed by Innodisk utilizing our own firmware know-how. This exclusive technology ensures longer-lasting and more reliable performance than conventional MLC NAND flash. With iSLC, NAND flash will last 10 times longer than MLC-based flash, delivering up to 30,000 times more endurance and performing just as well as SLC-based flash, but at a lower cost. Clearly, this is an excellent performance-cost balance alternative for solid state drives (SSDs).

iSLC is set to potentially replace MLC as a better performing and more cost-effective NAND flash as MLC flash technology performance declines over time and no longer serves the needs of future applications.

SLC Firmware Technology and MLC

Drive Write Sustainability Comparison

iSLC has 30,000 Program Erase Cycles. SSDs with iSLC can sustain 32GB capacity drive writes per day for over 7 years, delivering a lifespan that is suitable for industrial and enterprise applications.




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