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GE's flexible off-the-shelf computing platforms can be readily configured to meet the processing, I/O, video and graphics needs of a variety of different applications. Our platforms are based on open systems architectures, so they allow for technology insertion, and support the COTS concept.


• Bus Expansion

There are many situations where you might need a few extra slots in a system, and our bus expansion products give you that extra flexibility. Whether it’s VME, PCI or PCI Express™, we offer a simple solution to a number of vexing design challenges such as the transition to serial fabrics. As these new standards gain momentum, our bus expansion products may allow you to migrate to the new technology without having to abandon your existing investments.

• PCI Express Expansion
• PCI/PCI-X Expansion
• VMEbus Repeaters

• Hazardous Area Computers

Our innovative backlighting technologies, system controls design and environmental packaging designs are highlights of our hazardous area product lines. Computer Dynamics products operate in environments from outdoor extreme heat and cold to controlled indoor environments — wherever hazardous materials such as gases or powders may be present. If certifications such as ATEX, NEC 508, Class I Division 2, Ex, CE, CENELEC and IEC are requirements for your industrial computer needs, we have your solution. If your manufacturing environment is in a hazardous area, please call us to help you with your current projects.

• MicroTCA

Modular Platforms are application-ready MicroTCA™ platforms that have been tested for mechanical and thermal stability and pre-validated for interoperability, including field proven carrier and module management code. Based on open architecture specifications, these flexible, high-speed chassis allow hot-swappable AdvancedMC™ modules to plug directly into their own backplane. Modular Platforms offer a high degree of technology re-use that protects investments, enables build-as-you-grow systems and allows custom platforms to be built using standard modules.

• Military systems

• Advanced Vehicle Computers
• Remote Interface Units
• Rugged Chassis
• Video Tracking & Image Processing

• Rugged Ethernet Switches

Rugged Ethernet Switches bring the high-speed network connectivity of a managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 gigabit Ethernet switch together with a lightweight, compact, milled-aluminum alloy chassis to provide TCP/IP functionality in harsh environments.

• Sensor Processing

GE Intelligent Platforms have one of the industry’s widest and most flexible collections of analog input and output boards for video compression, SDR, SIGINT, radar, medical imaging, wireless communications, sonar and test and measurement applications that is complemented by a range of system-level capabilities including PCIe, XMC and VPX-based data acquisition, processing and recording system solutions and signal analysis solutions.

• Acoustic Products
• Digital Data Recorders
• FPGA Processors
• Software Defined Radio
• Video Products

• Standard Cages

Standard card cages are available in several dimensions and slot counts within the 19” enclosure technology. We also build standard and customized versions to meet specific application requirements. Please note that certain standard cages are only available for distribution in Europe.

• Starter Cages

Starter cages or starter kits are preconfigured enclosures designed for development purposes. Based on the required system controller architecture (Intel® or PowerPC®) and bus system (CPCI or VMEbus), GE can provide the appropriate development system for your specific needs. Please note that these starter cages are only sold in conjunction with our single board computers.

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