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Single Board Computers

GE offer a comprehensive portfolio of single board computers and CPUs designed to meet almost any application need. The products are available in a multitude of form factors, processor speeds, memory configurations, I/O options, and levels of ruggedization. We also provide an evolutionary path for our processors that allows them to grow and change with new technology.


• AdvancedTCA

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA or ATCA) single board computers incorporate the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors and improved reliability, manageability and serviceability. ATCA SBCs, deployed with other ATCA blades (such as our packet processing ATCA blades), provide control-plane and hi-level data-plane support for communications applications.

• AdvancedTCA Rear Transition Modules

With limited real estate for mezzanines on next generation ATCA processor blades, adding I/O with AdvancedMCs may not be an option. Intelligent Advanced Rear Transition Modules (ARTMs) offer a powerful, flexible solution. Using the Zone 3 connector through the rear of the ATCA blade, system designers can tailor the I/O capabilities of their processor blades to their application. They can configure I/O cabling once, and swap processor blades in and out independently. Intelligent ARTMs do more than simply extend a port; they add functionality to the processor blade and we can customize the functionality and the pinouts for specific applications. We have an expansive portfolio of AdvancedMC designs to leverage, and the customization expertise to create ARTMs for your specific application.

• AXIS-Enabled Multiprocessor Hardware

GE Intelligent Platforms offers INTEL and Power Architecture Single Board Computers (SBC) and Multiprocessors in a variety of 3U and 6U form factors including VME, VXS, VPX and cPCI modules to cater for a wide range of deployed computing requirements. These Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) platforms provide optimized Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) solutions to meet the operational demands of today's deployed military and aerospace systems by harnessing the very latest CPUs and multicore System-on-Chip (SoC) processors along with high performance serial switched fabrics supporting system densities of one to many CPU cores per rugged enclosure. By using the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software product suite, system integrators can develop, scale, test and deploy their application on our rugged COTS hardware in a fraction of the time it used to take to field these solutions.

• CompactPCI Intel

A comprehensive line of Intel-based CPCI single board computers to the embedded board market, these products range from boards targeted to the unique needs of telecommunications and military applications to more general purpose boards that can be applied to a wide variety of embedded applications.

• CompactPCI PowerPC

PowerPC-based CPCI boards are designed for use in a broad spectrum of applications from military and aerospace to commercial and telecommunications systems. They are available with diverse feature sets and varying ruggedization levels to accommodate the unique requirements of demanding applications.

• Computer on Modules

Computer on Modules (COM) address the need for standardized small form factor computing platforms. COMs are the perfect solution for long-term applications where technology and performance upgrades are a must. COMs are without connectors for USB, LAN, VGA, etc. and must be attached to an I/O board to fullfil an application's I/O requirements. Upgrades are easily managed through an exchange of the existing Computer Module to one based on the latest technology, in effect extending the lifecycle of the application.

• Motherboards & Stackables

Many applications, such as those in protected environments, do not require the full feature set of a CompactPCI® or VME system to meet their needs. Such applications are better served with embedded motherboards or stackable solutions.

• Processor AdvancedMC™

Our Processor AdvancedMCs fully implement the AdvancedTCA® modular design concept. They bring feature-rich processor capabilities to a carrier board, and can be added to any host card or MicroTCA™ system with the appropriate mechanical and electrical connections.

• Processor PMC

Processor PMCs (PrPMC) maximize design flexibility with a modular approach to adding processing power to a host board. The PMC Card functions as a complete processor subsystem and can be used to control a carrier card, effectively making it into a Single Board Computer or blade. The processor module can be added to any system with an open PMC slot.

• Standard Cages

Standard card cages are available in several dimensions and slot counts within the 19” enclosure technology. We also build standard and customized versions to meet specific application requirements. Please note that certain standard cages are only available for distribution in Europe.

• Starter Cages

Starter cages or starter kits are preconfigured enclosures designed for development purposes. Based on the required system controller architecture (Intel® or PowerPC®) and bus system (CPCI or VMEbus), GE can provide the appropriate development system for your specific needs. Please note that these starter cages are only sold in conjunction with our single board computers.

• VMEbus Intel

Advanced VMEbus single board computers that use the latest Intel or compatible processor technology. VMEbus technology is still dominant in many embedded board markets and has proven itself to be a stable technology that evolves with the needs of those markets.

• VMEbus PowerPC

GE complements its VME processor solutions with PowerPC-based 6U single board computers developed to meet the needs of demanding embedded applications.

• VPX Intel

VPX (previously known as VITA 46) brings switched fabrics to VMEbus-based systems. VPX was specifically created with the defense community in mind, and it retains the existing 6U and 3U form factors, supports existing PMC and XMC mezzanines, and maintains the maximum possible compatibility with VMEbus.

• VPX PowerPC

VPX (previously known as VITA 46) brings switched fabrics to VMEbus-based systems. VPX was specifically created with the defense community in mind, and it retains the existing 6U and 3U form factors, supports existing PMC and XMC mezzanines, and maintains the maximum possible compatibility with VMEbus.

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