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I/O & Communications

One of the most extensive I/O lines in the embedded board industry, we have a vast selection of Ethernet switches and LAN and WAN cards. Our range of other I/O interfaces includes packet processors, audio, video, storage, IndustryPack®, bus adapters, PCI Express®, Fibre Channel, StarFabric and InfiniBand® Technology. Our huge collection of PMC cards is supplemented by a leading group of AdvancedMC™ cards for MicroTCA™ and AdvancedTCA® systems.


• Bus Adapters

Although single board computers can be used to provide specialized processing and I/O capabilities, they are not the only solution. For certain types of applications, a bus adapter is a viable alternative, and may even be the best choice. In cases where a bus adapter can replace of a single board computer, it has a lower total system cost, allows for easier upgrades and migrations to different platforms, enhances performance and shortens development time and time to market.

• Bus Adapters

• Bus Expansion

There are many situations where you might need a few extra slots in a system, and our bus expansion products give you that extra flexibility. Whether it’s VME, PCI or PCI Express™, we offer a simple solution to a number of vexing design challenges such as the transition to serial fabrics. As these new standards gain momentum, our bus expansion products may allow you to migrate to the new technology without having to abandon your existing investments.

• PCI Express Expansion
• PCI/PCI-X Expansion
• VMEbus Repeaters

• Carrier Cards

The whole idea behind open, modular computing is to allow for the painless insertion of technology into almost any system design. Carrier cards are an excellent example of this concept, because they allow the designer to expand system capabilities by way of a card that “carries” another module into the system. After decades of experience in the embedded computing business, we have developed an extremely wide range of proven, reliable carriers that give the system designer a great selection to choose from.

• Communications

The convergence of traditional telecom networks with computer networks continues to accelerate. As a result, there is continuing demand for high bandwidth and high availability products to connect that two. GE have extensive experience delivering and supporting products for the major network protocols.

• WAN T1/E1/J1 Interfaces
• WAN OC-3/OC-12 Interfaces
• WAN DS3/E3 Interfaces
• Special Function AMCs

• Ethernet / LAN

High speed networking is a critical part of most embedded applications and we offer a strong group of Ethernet switches and network interfaces designed to provide the necessary bandwidth. Our selection allows you to rapidly incorporate Ethernet connections into CompactPCI®, VMEbus, VPX, AdvancedTCA® and MicroTCA™ applications. We also offer a range of ruggedization levels from air cooled to conduction cooled models. Benefit from our experience with a broad range of application types, ranging from high availability telecom and networking applications to rugged industrial and military environments.

• Ethernet Interfaces
• Ethernet Switches

• General Purpose I/O

We offer a range of input and output types designed to offer tremendous flexibility to system architects. Our product range covers analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, digital I/O cards for special function devices, highly versatile, DSP-based I/O products, IndustryPacks (IPs) and transition modules and a wide range of multi-channel serial interface boards for standard bus and expansion architectures such as CompactPCI, VMEbus, IndustryPack, PC•MIP, and PMC.

• Analog I/O
• Digital I/O
• DSP-Based I/O
• Signal Conditioning
• Serial I/O

• Interfaces & Protocols

• Analog I/O
• Digital I/O
• DSP-Based I/O
• Fabric Switches
• IndustryPack Modules
• Intelligent I/O Controllers
• Other I/O
• Serial I/O
• Special Function AMCs

• Packet Processors

It is increasingly important for network administrators to control network traffic in order to maintain both security and quality of service. Packet processors provide secure, high-speed connectivity and complex security processing at wire speed performance. With our packet processors, you can quickly create applications such as Network Address Translators, Session Border Controllers, Media Gateways, Edge Routers, Firewall bricks and Video Services Switches that meet the demands of security conscious network administrators.

• Reflective Memory

Reflective Memory networks are Real Time Local Area Networks in which each computer always has an up-to-date local copy of the shared memory set. These specialty networks are specifically designed to provide highly deterministic data communications. They deliver the tightly timed performance necessary for a variety of distributed simulation and industrial control applications. Reflective Memory networks have benefited from advances in general-purpose data networks, but they remain an entirely independent technology, driven by different requirements and catering to applications where determinism, implementation simplicity, and a lack of software overhead are key factors.

• Reflective Memory Hubs
• Reflective Memory Nodes

• Sensor Processing

GE Intelligent Platforms have one of the industry’s widest and most flexible collections of analog input and output boards for video compression, SDR, SIGINT, radar, medical imaging, wireless communications, sonar and test and measurement applications that is complemented by a range of system-level capabilities including PCIe, XMC and VPX-based data acquisition, processing and recording system solutions and signal analysis solutions.

• Acoustic Products
• Digital Data Recorders
• FPGA Processors
• Software Defined Radio
• Video Products

• Storage and Memory

Embedded computing applications often require long or short term storage of application data, and we provide for these needs with a full range of memory and storage options. We offer hard disk storage and Compact Flash/MicroDrive storage, including innovative PCMCIA flash and rotary disk options in multiple form factors. Our SCSI products allow you to add SCSI capabilities to a single board computer or a system, and we continue to enhance our cards with features that meet a range of requirements.

• Fibre Channel HBAs
• Storage Controllers
• On-Board Storage

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