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DPS & Data Acquisition

GE are satisfying the increasing performance demands of advanced signal processing applications with the latest DSPs, FPGAs and PowerPC-based multiprocessors. Our high-performance hardware is complemented by a full suite of development software and a large selection of data acquisition and recording capabilities. These include numerous high-speed acoustic data conversion boards plus high capacity data storage systems. Our single, dual and quad processor boards use Freescale™ PowerPC technology, and like many of our products, offer several different levels of ruggedization for commercial, industrial, defense and aerospace applications.


• Development Kits & Software

Development Kits provide all the software and documentation required to quickly program your applications on the TS Series platform. This includes the PCI board, Wave FPGA Software, Altera Quartus Software, SOPC Builder, NIOS Software, TS Series Users Guide and Programmers Guide.

• General Purpose I/O

We offer a range of input and output types designed to offer tremendous flexibility to system architects. Our product range covers analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, digital I/O cards for special function devices, highly versatile, DSP-based I/O products, IndustryPacks (IPs) and transition modules and a wide range of multi-channel serial interface boards for standard bus and expansion architectures such as CompactPCI, VMEbus, IndustryPack, PC•MIP, and PMC.

• Analog I/O
• Digital I/O
• DSP-Based I/O
• Signal Conditioning
• Serial I/O

• Multiprocessing

The GE Intelligent Platforms family of high performance multiprocessing solutions includes PowerPC and INTEL based Single Board Computers (SBC), and multiprocessors as well as fabric switch cards, PMC/XMC carriers and FPGA processing engines. In addition we offer AXIS, a market leading suite of multiprocessing software with an integrated development environment and high performance math and function libraries to reduce development time and maximize performance for the most demanding signal and data processing applications. You will find our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), rugged multiprocessing modules and AXIS software in major deployed platforms including underwater and naval surface sonar, land-based radar and airborne sensor, image and radar processing platforms.

• AXIS-Enabled Multiprocessor Hardware
• AXIS-Enabled Single Board Computers
• AXIS Multiprocessing Software
• Fabric Switches
• FPGA Processors

• Sensor Processing

GE Intelligent Platforms have one of the industry’s widest and most flexible collections of analog input and output boards for video compression, SDR, SIGINT, radar, medical imaging, wireless communications, sonar and test and measurement applications that is complemented by a range of system-level capabilities including PCIe, XMC and VPX-based data acquisition, processing and recording system solutions and signal analysis solutions.

• Acoustic Products
• Digital Data Recorders
• FPGA Processors
• Software Defined Radio
• Video Products

• Test & Measurement

Our large selection of data acquisition, signal conditioning and software applications are designed to match every conceivable combination of performance and budget. Each DDR system is available with a variety of software options supporting a wide variety of industry standard data formats. Our wide variety of signal conditioning systems are designed around leading edge technology, allowing for low noise, high speed operation, flexible configuration, and ease of expandability. Our data acquisition software suite supports third party signal conditioning equipment and provides complete test control from a single software package.

• Data Acquisition Software
• Digital Data Recorders
• Signal Conditioning

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