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Processors & Computers


• Computer on Modules

Computer on Modules (COM) address the need for standardized small form factor computing platforms. COMs are the perfect solution for long-term applications where technology and performance upgrades are a must. COMs are without connectors for USB, LAN, VGA, etc. and must be attached to an I/O board to fullfil an application's I/O requirements. Upgrades are easily managed through an exchange of the existing Computer Module to one based on the latest technology, in effect extending the lifecycle of the application.

• Hazardous Area Computers

Our innovative backlighting technologies, system controls design and environmental packaging designs are highlights of our hazardous area product lines. Computer Dynamics products operate in environments from outdoor extreme heat and cold to controlled indoor environments — wherever hazardous materials such as gases or powders may be present. If certifications such as ATEX, NEC 508, Class I Division 2, Ex, CE, CENELEC and IEC are requirements for your industrial computer needs, we have your solution. If your manufacturing environment is in a hazardous area, please call us to help you with your current projects.

• Motherboards & Stackables

Many applications, such as those in protected environments, do not require the full feature set of a CompactPCI® or VME system to meet their needs. Such applications are better served with embedded motherboards or stackable solutions.

• Multiprocessing

The GE Intelligent Platforms family of high performance multiprocessing solutions includes PowerPC and INTEL based Single Board Computers (SBC), and multiprocessors as well as fabric switch cards, PMC/XMC carriers and FPGA processing engines. In addition we offer AXIS, a market leading suite of multiprocessing software with an integrated development environment and high performance math and function libraries to reduce development time and maximize performance for the most demanding signal and data processing applications. You will find our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), rugged multiprocessing modules and AXIS software in major deployed platforms including underwater and naval surface sonar, land-based radar and airborne sensor, image and radar processing platforms.

• AXIS-Enabled Multiprocessor Hardware
• AXIS-Enabled Single Board Computers
• AXIS Multiprocessing Software
• Fabric Switches
• FPGA Processors

Single Board Computers

GE offer a comprehensive portfolio of single board computers and CPUs designed to meet almost any application need. The products are available in a multitude of form factors, processor speeds, memory configurations, I/O options, and levels of ruggedization. We also provide an evolutionary path for our processors that allows them to grow and change with new technology.

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