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Computer-on-modules (COMs) are designed to be used as mezzanine cards, mounted on application specific baseboard.

Having compact size, low heat emission and wide range of interfaces, computer-on-module gives embedded system designers an opportunity to combine computer functionality and customer application in the same board.

COMs usage allows to reduce system development time and provides flexibility in choosing required functionality of embedded computer: CPU speed, memory size, set of interfaces etc.


PICMG COM Express Type II Module based on Intel® Core® 2 Duo CPU

CPC1301 is a PICMG COM Express Module based on Intel® Core® 2 Duo/Core Duo/Core Solo processor.

• Intel® Core® 2 Duo/Core Duo/Celeron CPUs with 533/667 MHz FSB
• COM Express Type II pinout
• Up to 4 GB DDR2 dual channel memory
• CRT and LVDS
• Up to 5 x1 or 1 x4 and 1 x1 PCI-Express
• x16 PCI Express graphics interface
• Gigabit Ethernet port
• I2c bus
• Eight USB 2.0 ports
• Two Serial ATA, one IDE Ultra ATA/100 interface
• Extended temperature range


EOL - Fastwel announces that the following COM Express Module CPC1301 has reached the end-of-life cycle.

COM Express Intel Atom N450/D510 based module

Embedded COM Express Basic module with additional connector (ISA, Ethernet, GPIO).

• COM Express Basic
• Intel Atom N450 Single Core/ D510 Dual Core, 1.66 GHz, 512 KB cache/1 MB cache;
• 512 MB / 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz w/o ECC, 64-bit addressing, soldered
• 2 GB NAND Flash (dual channel)
• SATA interface (50 MB/s read, 35 MB/s write)
• Two Gigabit Ethernet channels, 10/100/1000 Mb/s
• Eight USB 2.0
• Shock/vibration: 50g / 5g (IEC 68-2-27-87; IEC 68-2-6-82)
• Operating temperature range: –40°C to +85°C (IEC 68-2-14-84)
• MS DOS 6.22, FreeDOS, Windows XP (Embedded), Linux 2.6, QNX 6.5.


ETX Computer-On-Module based on AMD Geode™ LX800

CPB904 is a highly integrated ETX form-factor computer-on-module based on low power AMD Geode™ LX800 CPU

• AMD Geode™ LX800 500 MHz (programmable)
• Soldered 256 MB DDR SDRAM
• 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet controller
• LCD and CRT displays support with 2D video accelerator
• Soldered Flash disk 64 MB
• Four USB 2.0 ports, three RS-232 ports
• EIDE: ATA-5 (UDMA66)
• Reserved BIOS
• Operating temperature: –40°C to +85°C



"FemtoCore" module based on Vortex86DX

Computer Module designed for use as a computing core in application specific embedded systems.

• Vortex86DX processor 600 MHz
• 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet
• 32-bit PCI, 8-bit ISA, LPC
• Two USB 2.0
• IDE interface (alternative 2×SDIO)
• Two RS-232, PS/2
• Eight digital I/O ports
• Industrial operating temperature range: –40°C to +85°C


Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10

Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10, 55 x 84 mm. Designed for building highly-reliable energy-efficient embedded systems with small dimensions.Conforms to "PICMG® COM.0 COM Express® Module Base Specification Revision 2.1".

• Intel Atom E6xxT™ 0.6 / 1.6 GHz CPU
• DDR2-800 SDRAM, 512 / 1024 MB, soldered
• Integrated graphics controller 400 MHz
• 4 GB NAND flash (SLC)
• COM Express® Type 10 connector signals
• OS compatibility: Microsoft™ MS-DOS®6.22, FreeDOS, Linux 2.6, QNX 6.5.x, Microsoft™ Windows® CE 6.0, Microsoft™ Windows® XP Embedded
• Operating temp. range: -40°? … +85°? (IEC 68-2-14-84)
• Shock / vibration stability: 50g / 5g (IEC 68-2-27-87; IEC 68-2-6-82)
• MTBF: 200 000 hours


COM Express Type 6 Intel® Ivy Bridge CPU module
CPC81330 (Preliminary)

CPC81330 is a PICMG COM Express Module Based on Intel® Ivy Bridge CPUs up to 2.7 and Intel® QM77 chipset.

• Supports Intel® Ivy Bridge CPU onboard
• Supports Intel® QM77 chipset
• 4GB DDR3 Memory IC onboard support ECC
• Three Digital Display Interfaces (DDI)
• 1 x PCIe x16, 7 x PCIe x1
• Wide operating temperature (–40°C to 85°C optional)



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