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Rotary Switches

Elma's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and other quality components from all over the world. Our rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets, and Elma's coded switches and encoders are the choice of premier two-way radio and medical equipment manufacturers globally.

Elma has endeared itself to our customers because of our modular switch construction that allows for design modifications to existing products, even in small quantities. Our engineering staff can modify shafts, bushings and switching schemes to create a solution for your special requirements that can be realized quickly.

Dependability and ruggedness are Elma's core competencies. Our most popular rotary and coded switches, as well as our encoders can be optionally panel-sealed to up to IP68 against dust and moisture. Our standard shaft material for most switches is stainless steel or brass with a stainless steel option for tough environments. Our electrical contacts are plated with hard gold to ensure years of trouble-free service out in the field.

Coded Switches

Elma is the premier supplier of BCD, Hex and Gray coded switches in the world today, supplying all segments of the electronics industry. Featuring Elma's famous indexing click and rich tactile feedback, our 10, 16 and 24 position and concentric designs are used extensively as frequency selectors, medical device interfaces, audio attenuators and industrial controls. Elma can also customize shafts, bushings and switching schemes to meet special applications.

Rotary Encoders

With the broadest range of long-life, rugged, panel-sealable encoders available today, Elma has the right incremental encoder for your application. Elma's famous "Swiss-Click" indexing system featured on our E33 epitomizes great switching feel, and our engineering services can also customize our standard offerings to suite your individual requirements, even in small quantities.

Rotary Selector Switches

World-renowned switching feel and ingenious design makes Elma range of rotary selector switches the obvious choice of audio, industrial and medical product design professionals. With a wide range of physical sizes, number of switching positions and contact arrangements, our selector switches continue to be the foundation of Elma's 50-year reputation for quality, feel and reliability.

Audio Solutions

Elma’s Audio Solutions division represents a natural extension of our long lineage in the pro audio arena. With innovative products like our Remote Audio Plus and Relay Attenuator, Elma’s breadth of product widens to encompass hybrid electronic/mechanical products and fully switch-free solutions. Our new Audio Solutions products are driven 100% by customer input to address an ever-evolving market.


Control knobs are at the forefront of any product's appearance and usability because secure shaft attachment and durable materials are as important as aesthetics. Elma's Classic Collet knobs, Audio knobs, K1 knobs and knobs from our partner Mentor GmbH, feature rugged plastic or metal body materials and reliable shaft fixing. Elma's knob offerings have the reputation of being as beautiful as they are dependable.

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