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Enclosures Kits & Components

Standard products, customisation and services for a wide range of applications and a muliplicity of market segments.
• Sub Racks
• Instrument and Compact Cases
• Front Panels, Handles and Plug-in Units
• 19" and General Accessories


19" Rackmount Enclosure

Sub racks are carrier for plug-in units and can be built in 19"-cabinets. The product range goes from 19"chassis for non-standard components up to EMC sub racks with highest flexibility.

• Card Cage Eurocard Only
• Fully Enclosed Eurocard or Custom PCB
• Rackmount with Tabletop Option
• Desktop Cabinets for 19" Subracks

19" Desktop Cabinets & Accessories

A select range of accessories in combination with the 19-inch rack system: From desktop cabinets on telescopic rails up to 19 "front panels is the ideal complement to the sub rack families.

• Desktop Cabinet Type 38
• 19" Front Panel Frame
• 19" Front Panels
• 19" Keyboard Trays
• Telescopic Rails
• 19" Fan Trays

Tabletop & Portable Enclosure

Various design options offer you the opportunity to pack your electronics so that this represents a pleasant appearance on the table. Of course tailored to your size and optical needs!

• Versatile Unibox 14
• Stylebox 15 Instrument Cases
• Easy Customized Varietybox 35

Small Rugged Enclosure Kits

Small enclosures in a great variety. Flexibility is a top priority!

• Monolithic Extrusion Solutions
• Multi Extrusion & Clamshell Solutions

Front Panels

Frontpanels are the face of your products. Elma offers you products and services related to front panels.


Fixed Handles
• Fluted Handles
• Rigid-Mounted Unit Handles

Injector/Ejector Handles
• Ejector Handles acc. to IEC
• Injector/Ejector Handles acc. to IEEE
• Injector/Ejector Handles acc. to AdvancedTCA


From the single screw or card holder on horizontal mounting kits to the fan trays: That is the comprehensive range of accessories for enclosures and sub racks!

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