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Standard and customized. Includes 19" server racks, rackmounts, telecom cabinets and security consoles up to complete enclosure systems.

Industrial Cabinets - RA/RC Series

Utilizing an extrusion based frame system, Optima's RA/RC Series of industrial cabinets maintain a professional appearance while delivering functionality and durability. Designed to perform in the most demanding applications, the bezels are rated to 6600lb static load and corrosion resistance is achieved via durable acrylic coating based on thermo setting, cross linking resins. A wide selection of doors, side panels, top and bottom covers combined with a family of accessory items complete the range.

EMC Shielded Cabinets - SA/SC Series

Optima's S Series of industrial cabinets meet or exceed FCC class A and B requirements for equipment protection. Utilizing an extrusion based frame system, integrated with BeCu gaskets and shielded ventilation the cabinets maintain a professional appearance while delivering superior EMC performance. Designed to perform in the most demanding applications, the bezels are rated to 6600lb static load and corrosion resistance is achieved via durable acrylic coating based on thermo setting, cross linking resins.

Harsh Environment Cabinets - F Series

The F series is based on a modular extrusion frame design and is available in 3 versions depending on the application. The model F4 is a basic cabinet without gasketing. For applications that require only dust and moisture control the model F5 is the appropriate choice. When the environment calls for both particle and EMC suppression use the F6. All versions feature an aluminum frame with integrated gasketing, corner castings, heavy-duty door stiffening frame, multi-point locking, windstops and keyed door.

Seismic Ready Cabinets - M1/M2 Series

All M Series cabinets are designed and tested to withstand an earthquake Seismic Zone 4 event as defined in GR-63-CORE without displaying any permanent set or deformation to impair operating performance. The M1 (single wall extrusion) meets NEBS Level 3 requirements and its modular construction makes it ideal for customization to customer needs. For severe seismic applications in excess of industry standards, the M2's double cavity, aluminum extrusion provides a substantial increase in seismic performance.

Desktop Cabinets

Proven Optima E Cases are a clean, functional, sturdy and lightweight, design for housing EIA standard 19” rack-mount chassis and components. They are designed to provide solutions for a wide range of desktop, desk-side or portable applications. For 19” sub-rack mounting the user has the choice of either the EX Case for unshielded applications or the ER Case when EMC is a concern.

Electronic Desk Systems

Optima Desk Systems and Command Consoles are part of a unique packaging system designed to provide your industrial control, laboratory, security center, EOC, or command center with a functional, integrated look. Based on contemporary ergonomic design concepts, our "full system" approach to electronic infrastructure "build-outs" ensures optimum access to critical information in your command and control environment.

MIL Rugged Cabinets - MS Series

The Optima MIL-SPEC Cabinet System offers a flexible, modular design for military systems with a high level of performance and integrity. Beyond the Cabinet System's all-welded 12 gage steel frame construction are eight 3-dimensional support braces (12ga.), one at each corner intersection, providing added resistance to demanding compressive and torsion loads routinely experienced in MIL environments. The cabinets have standard crane lifting eyes mounted directly through the top corner support braces.

AdvancedTCA - AT Series

Optima's AT Series of vertical rack enclosures incorporates advanced features specifically designed to address the growing complexity of blade and server applications based on the AdvancedTCA format.

MicroTCA - AT Series

The modular cabinet features a stacked arrangement of open card cages, fan trays, and heat exchangers. Without top or bottom covers, the open card cages allow air to flow through multiple stacks of MicroTCA shelves. The fan trays and heat exchangers cool the cabinet in this modular configuration.


Optima carries a full range of accessories complimenting our entire product line. Many products are manufactured in-house to ensure quality and consistent design requirements, while other third party products are held to the same degree of excellence before being included. Please browse through our Accessories Catalog for ordering or enhancing any of the cabinets or enclosures produced by Optima EPS. For questions, custom solutions or modifications contact an Optima Sales Representative.

Custom Cabinets

Whether your need is as simple as silk-screening the company logo on a standard panel or as complex as a fully custom enclosure to meet seismic, zone 4 requirements Elma Optima has the team and the tools to ensure the success of your program.

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