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Athenas III

PC/104 single board computer with 1.6GHz or 1GHz Intel Atom E-Series CPU and Integrated Autocalibrating Data Acquisition


• Low-power Intel Atom E-Series processor
• Integrated LCD, CRT, Ethernet, and system I/O
• Integrated data acquisition
• Ruggedization including shock and vibration


• High computing power with reduced power consumption
• Reduced heat dissipation / fanless operation
• Small size / Light weight
• Single-board solution for increased reliability
• Guaranteed compatibility
• Customizable for demanding applications
• Increased reliability

Athena III combines a full-featured wide temperature SBC with a professional quality data acquisition circuit, all on a compact board with PC/104 I/O expansion. This 2-in-1 design reduces the size and weight of your embedded system, while also helping to simplify manufacturing logistics such as purchasing, warehousing, and assembly. As a third generation product, Athena III demonstrates Diamond's support for long-lifecycle applications. It offers the latest processor and I/O technologies for new applications, while remaining backwards compatible with prior models to extend existing product lifetimes.

Athena III offers some of the highest feature density available in a compact SBC with rugged, wide-temperature, shock and vibration qualified operation. Its combination of size, weight, performance, and power consumption is an ideal fit for applications that require solid performance and a comprehensive range of I/O, without the burden of high cost or power consumption.

The Athena III SBC provides an ideal solution for applications requiring ruggedness.

Its many rugged features include:

• Soldered memory for increased immunity to shock and vibration
• -40ºC to +85ºC operating temperature fully tested
• MIL-STD-202-G shock and vibration qualification (test report available)
• Thicker PCB (.093" / 2.4mm) increases rigidity and enhances long-term reliability in high vibration environments
• 2-in-1 SBC + data acquisition reduces size and weight and eliminates bus connectors and spacers for a more rugged solution

Athena III includes a complete set of standard I/O features:

• 4 serial ports with RS-232/422/485 protocol support, configurable via BIOS (2 ports have 128-byte FIFOs and 460.8Kbps max data rate)
• 4 USB 2.0 ports
• Additional USB port for bolt-on solid state flash up to 8GB
• SATA port for external mass storage
• Parallel port for legacy applications
• PS/2 keyboard / mouse ports
• 1 Gigabit Ethernet port with 10/100/1000Mbps compatibility
• VGA and LVDS LCD output with dual independent display capability
• 24 digital I/O lines

System Block Diagram

Integrated Data Acquisition

Athena III includes a complete analog and digital data acquisition circuit integrated onto the board. The analog input circuit includes 16 single-ended / 8 differential channels with 16-bit resolution and programmable gain. The extremely high input impedance ensures accurate measurements, while the fault-protected input multiplexors provide protection from overvoltage conditions as well as live inputs during a power-off state. A 2048-sample FIFO with programmable threshold supports smooth interrupt-based sampling at any sample rate up to 200KHz.

The circuit also features 4 12-bit analog voltage outputs with programmable output ranges, 24 digital I/O lines with programmable direction, and 2 counter/timers which can be used for A/D timing, timer-driven interrupts, or general counting functions.

All data acquisition features are supported by our free, best-in-class Universal Driver programming software which simplifies application development.

CPU and System


Intel Atom E640T or E680T


1.0GHz or 1.6GHz


Heat sink, fan-less

LCD interface

VGA up to 1600x1200; LVDS up to 1280x768
8/16/32MB shared with system memory
24-bit dual-channel LVDS


1GB soldered on board (2GB special order)

Mass storage:

1 SATA pin header
Solid state USB module, up to 8GB, mounts on board

Real-time clock

On-board RTC with lithium backup battery



Serial ports:
Ports 1/2
Ports 3/4

4 RS-232/422/485
Up to 115.2kbps, 16-byte FIFO, 16C450 compatible
Up to 460.8kbps, 128-byte FIFO, 16C2850 UART

USB ports

4 USB 2.0

Keyboard & Mouse


Data Acquisition

Analog inputs

16 single-ended / 8 differential

A/D resolution/speed

16 bits, 200KHz maximum

Input ranges

+/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V

Analog outputs

4, 12-bit resolution

Output ranges

+/-10V, +/-5V, 0-10V, 0-5V

Input impedance

10^13 ohms

Digital I/O

Digital I/O lines

24 programmable lines


1 24-bit and 1 16-bit
A/D sample rate control, counting/timing, programmable interrupts


Operating temperature

-40ºC to +85ºC

Power supply

+5VDC +/-5% @ 2.0A

Power consumption

9.4W (ATHE1000A-1G)


4.175"W x 4.475"H


8.8oz / 249g with heat sink


IEC68-2-27 compatible


MIL-STD-810E 514.4 compatbile




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