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Model 3200-2000


The Model 3200-2000 computer system is the newest member of Concurrent Computer Corporation's family of high-performance Series 3200 platforms. Model 3200-2000 provides the processing power and system throughput required by the most demanding fault-tolerant, real-time applications. This system features improved computational speed, microsecond interrupt handling, high system I/O throughput, and extensive system connectivity. Supported by Concurrent's optimized OS/32 real-time operating system, Model 3200-2000 provides the response needed by today's mission-critical, high-availability application environments.

The processor offers up to nine times the application computational performance of a Series 3200 Model 3280 processor. All system memory and DMA bus interfaces are provided directly on the 3200-2000 processor module. Reduced system maintenance costs are achieved by integrating key Series 3200 functionality on a single 17" board.

• One PowerPC™ 750 processor
• Up to nine times the application computational performance of a Model 3280 CPU
• 32, 64 or 128 MB ECC memory
• Three DMA bus interfaces
• One MUX bus interface
• Two available PCI slots
• Complete support for OS/32 and all Series 3200 system software products
• Full application software compatibility with all Concurrent Series 3200 systems
• Control/Diagnostic System (CDS) that provides assistance in independent subsystem fault detection, diagnostics execution and error reporting
• Optional 10/100BaseT Ethernet™ controller
• Optional Fibre Channel Peripherals
• Optional multi-system shared memory
System Description
At the heart of this system is a single-board engine featuring an industry-standard Motorola PowerPC processor with Flash-stored software that fully emulates the Series 3200 architecture. The 3200-2000 CPU board includes a PowerPC 750 processor; 32 to 128 MB of user-available ECC memory; CDS/Console interface; one MUX bus interface and one or more DMA bus interfaces. Model 3200-2000 is available as a complete computer system or as a processor board upgrade to previous Series 3200 systems. The system includes a chassis, a power subsystem with battery backup, cooling, Multiperipheral Controller, a console device and system documentation. A Model 3200-2000 processor board upgrade kit can be used to increase the performance of installed Series 3200 S-bus or non-S-bus systems. Simply remove all CPU, memory, and XMI/DMI boards, and replace them with the 3200-2000 processor board.

Series 3200 Compatibility
Model 3200-2000 is fully compatible with the I/O subsystems of installed Series 3200 systems. All selector channels, device controllers, and any user-written device drivers may be retained when upgrading to a Model 3200-2000. The Model 3200-2000 fully supports the standard Concurrent OS/32 operating system (revision 8.3 and above), all OS/32 utilities, and all Series 3200 diagnostics as well as all Series 3200 language, data management, and data communications software. The Model 3200-2000 is designed to support the execution of all user application code without modification. Some user tasks that have inherent run-time timing dependencies may require minor changes.

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