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ImaGen Visual Servers

Concurrent’s ImaGen Visual Server family offers fully-integrated, affordable high-performance IG solutions for real-time simulation and modeling applications. Powered by Concurrent’s RedHawk™ Linux®, ImaGen is the ideal platform for truly interactive, virtual reality, landscape, architectural and aerial, ground, and marine simulation.

Complete Image Generation Solutions for a Wide Spectrum of Industries

The ImaGen family provides the most flexible, multichannel Linux-based graphics platforms available today. ImaGen can be custom configured to address a broad range of price/performance requirements from low-end, single-channel systems to large, genlocked, multi-channel and SLI video server solutions. ImaGen delivers the technology needed to rapidly develop and deploy accurate, real-time 3D visual solutions for applications such as:

• Civil and Military Simulation
• Mission Planning
• Homeland Security
• Scientific and Medical Visualization
• Architectural Design
• Energy Exploration
• Entertainment

ImaGen platforms are complete IG solutions. All required IG components are fully integrated and supported by Concurrent, including COTS imaging channels, monitors, color-matching projectors with edge-blending and curved screen distortion correction, display screens, rackmount chassis, mounting hardware and application software.

ImaGen Family Features:
• RedHawk Linux optimized for real-time image generation
• PCI-Express graphics boards: Quadro FX5600G and GeForce 8800
• Dual graphics channels with NVIDIA SLI technology
• Genlock and framelock
• Easy upgrade to new technology
• Configurable 3U/4U rugged rackmount chassis
• Single and dual 64-bit dual-core and quad-core Intel Xeon™ and AMD Opteron™ CPUs
• Removable SCSI, SATA or SAS disk drives for easy visual database management
• 14U to 43U cabinets supporting from 4 to 13 ImaGen servers
• Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switches
• 1U rackmount monitor drawer with 8 or 16-port KVM switches
• Multi 110 volt power source or single 220 volt with 30 amp power distribution
NightTrace Event Analyzer:
Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Systems And Graphics Boards

ImaGen Visual Servers are powered by COTS technology for affordable simulation and modeling solutions. Offering the highest levels of computer-generated image quality, fidelity and determinism, ImaGen can be configured with powerful dual-monitor capable graphics controllers, such as those available from NVIDIA.

Support for Industry Standard Applications
ImaGen supports a wide range of 3D visualization software, such as Presagis Vega Prime, OpenSceneGraph, Disti’s GL Studio, Altia Design, OpenGL and OpenGL Performer.

The ImaGen Advantage
Concurrent’s ImaGen family of multi-channel visual servers achieves what was once only possible on large, costly, dedicated visual systems. Concurrent’s ImaGen servers employ COTS technology for highly deterministic modeling display without compromising visual quality or real-time responsiveness. ImaGen offers powerful, expandable and easily upgradeable IG solutions to meet the most difficult technical challenges.

An ImaGen is the imaging platform of choice for simulation applications that require enhanced realism and the ability to process very large amounts of input data. Concurrent ImaGen servers can be used with Concurrent iHawk™ host multiprocessors to provide a complete training system platform with the highest levels of computer-generated image quality and fidelity.

Flexible Multi-Channel Rendering
Any number of ImaGen visual servers can be linked together to produce a single, unified output image to any desired level of photorealism. For example, the power of individual ImaGen servers can be assigned to render specific subsets of an image in parallel. The servers support a variety of image combining modes such as sample division for anti-aliasing, time division, image division, eye division and volume division for large rendering applications.

A full range of video synchronization capabilities are also offered. Commercial and military flight, maritime and driving simulators require multiple displays to provide photorealistic views of an environment as seen from a cockpit, window or control panel. ImaGen framelock features provide a seamless viewing experience in these multiple display applications. ImaGen genlock functionality enables synchronization with standard video signal formats or house-sync signals providing a powerful solution for display, video briefing and compositing.

Custom Image Generation Services
Concurrent offers a range of customized IG services including:

• Visual database creation
• Simulation model interfaces to the IG
• Avionics and instrumentation
• Physical control devices
• Custom hardware

Concurrent Solutions
Concurrent has a strong legacy of developing innovative, deterministic solutions that meet the most challenging technical requirements of worldwide customers. Concurrent’s ImaGen family continues this tradition by delivering high-performance, COTS-based, imaging solutions.

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