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Image generation

High performance, low-latency image generation

What was once only possible on large costly, dedicated visual systems is now achievable with COTS-based open architecture technologies. The challenge is delivering a realistic visual experience each and every time.

Concurrent’s ImaGen visual server is a scalable, COTS-based PC-IG family designed to serve a wide variety of imaging needs. Powered by Concurrent’s RedHawk real-time Linux, the latest graphics technology and fully integrated with visual rendering software from leading providers, Concurrent delivers reliable, high-fidelity, high-performance COTS visuals with outstanding value.

ImaGen is the PC-IG solution choice of customers worldwide, including Luke Air Force Base/Lockheed Martin, Redstone Arsenal, Hyundai Rotem for the K-Series Tank Platoon Simulator Program/ KCEI, and Saab Aerosystems for the Gripen Simulator Program.

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