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iHawk VME Platforms

iHawk VME Platforms
A Real-Time Multiprocessor, Multi-Core Solution

High-performance VME/VXS-based computer platform for mission-critical simulation, data acquisition, industrial and aerospace applications.


The iHawk VME is Concurrent Computer Corporation’s high-performance VME/VXS-based computer platform for mission-critical simulation, data acquisition, industrial and aerospace applications. iHawk VME systems feature Intel Core multi-core processors and up to 4 GB of memory on a single-slot 6U VME/VXS card.

iHawk VME systems offer leading-edge integrated component and packaging technology. A full complement of integrated I/O can included with each system including SATA, SCSI, EIDE, graphics, gigabit Ethernet, USB, RS-232, GPIO and Flash memory. iHawk VME platforms are fully supported by Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux optimized real-time operating system which features guarantee microsecond response for time-critical event handling.

• Intel® Core™ processors
• Up to 4 MB of cache per processor
• Up to 4 GB of memory per system
• Rackmount VME chassis with removable peripheral bays
• 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet
• Ultra320 SCSI, SAS and SATA disk drives
• Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM)
• A wide range of I/O interfaces and VME controller options
• Keyboard, mouse, USB and serial ports

Real-Time Linux Software
• RedHawk Linux real-time operating system
• C/C++, Fortran and Ada compilers
• NightStar real-time development tools
• NightView™ source-level debugger
• NightTrace™ analyzer
• NightSim™ periodic scheduler
• NightProbe™ data monitor
• NightTune™ system and application tuner
• Tightly-coupled symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems

High-performance, Low-Power Processors
iHawk VME systems feature energy-efficient Intel Core processors widely used in mobile and ruggedized applications. With two execution cores, Intel Core processors are optimized for multi-threaded applications and multitasking. The processor’s low power consumption provides for high compute performance in embedded, heat-sensitive VME platform environments.

Real-Time Linux Performance and Determinism
At the heart of each iHawk solution is Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. Compatible with the popular Red Hat® Linux distribution, RedHawk features high I/O throughput, fast response to external events, and optimized interprocess communication. RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for complex real-time applications.

RedHawk Linux is based upon a multithreaded, fully preemptible Linux kernel with low-latency enhancements. RedHawk’s true symmetric multiprocessing support includes load-balancing and CPU shielding to maximize determinism and real-time performance in mission-critical solutions. A user-level application can be guaranteed to respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds on a shielded processor.

NightStar Tools
Concurrent real-time Linux supports Concurrent’s powerful set of NightStar development tools. Users can debug, analyze, monitor and tune their real-time applications on iHawk multiprocessor systems locally or remotely at application speed. Each tool runs on the iHawk target system non-intrusively, thus preserving the deterministic characteristics of the real-time application. NightStar tools allow developers to graphically view how their applications interact with the Linux kernel.

Real-time Clock & Interrupt Module
The iHawk VME’s optional Real-time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM) is a multifunction I/O card designed for time-critical applications that require rapid response to external events. The RCIM includes a synchronized clock readable by multiple iHawk systems, up to eight programmable timers, and up to twelve input and twelve output external interrupt lines. The RCIM is fully supported by Concurrent RedHawk Linux.

An optional, on-board GPS module is available to align the RCIM’s synchronized clock to GPS standard time. One GPS equipped RCIM can synchronize all iHawks in an RCIM chain, or multiple iHawks equipped with the GPS module can operate from a common time base without any cable connections between the systems. POSIX timers based on absolute GPS time can be used to simultaneously start the execution of programs on systems which are not physically connected.

Flexible VME Packaging and I/O
iHawk VME systems come in a variety of rackmount chassis enclosures with 5 to 21 VME slots and from two to eight disk drives. iHawk integrated solutions can be configured with a wide range of VME cards including analog and digital, IEEE-488, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, reflective memory and asynchronous I/O.

Custom Engineering From Concurrent
The Concurrent Special Systems group is available to design and deliver iHawk systems for customers who require complete competitive solutions for demanding real-time applications. Concurrent engineers can provide special packaging including ruggedized peripherals and enclosures, integrate third-party I/O cards, develop and integrate RedHawk Linux drivers, and perform application rehosting. Hardware and software are designed and developed to exact customer specifications.

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