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VXS Backplanes

Elma Bustronic has four versions of its VXS backplanes - Single Star, Dual Star, Mesh, and Processor Mesh. All Elma Bustronic VXS backplanes are compliant to the VITA 41.0 Rev. 1.10 core specification.

Single Star VXS Backplanes

The Elma Bustronic Single Star VXS backplane line currently comes in 5 and 10 slots. The 7U height offers plenty of power bugs and the backplane complies with the VITA 1.7 high current specification. With one fabric slot and four payload slots the 5-slot Single Star is an excellent solution for prototyping or for smaller systems. The 10-slot version offers 1 fabric, 7 payload and 2 legacy VME64x slots.

Dual Star VXS Backplanes

The Dual Star VXS Backplane line currently comes in 8, 12, 18 and 20 slots. The larger slot counts are typically designed with a high-grade laminate material Nelco 4000-13SI for superior performance. Contact Elma Bustronic for details.

Mesh VXS Backplanes

The Mesh VXS Backplane line currently comes in a 5-slot Switchless Mesh configuration. The backplane has point-to-point links across three of the fabric slots, allowing prototyping and development without the expense of a switch card. The other two slots are standard legacy VME64x slots with the 2mm HM connector across P0. This allows development and testing with legacy cards that utilize the 2mm HM P0 connector.

VXS Processor Mesh Backplane

The VXS Processor Mesh is a powerful architecture with bandwidth that can deliver 112 Gbps of aggregate throughput within the processing mesh in a single chassis. This is an improvement of 6x over standard Star or Dual Star VXS topologies. Developed to enable a switch/processor mesh technology for applications which require multiple boards for application processing, this hybrid backplane implements two VME64x slots, three VME64x/VXS payload slots, one collected rear I/O slot, and six VXS switch slots.


Elma Bustronic offers VXS chassis and sub-racks. Various backplane and shelf management options are available.

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