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VME Backplanes

All Elma Bustronic backplanes are designed to maximize performance, minimize noise, and to give the customer the most reliable, cost effective product possible. To achieve this we used 8-layer construction, stripline design, decoupling capacitors at every slot, inboard terminators, heavy power and ground planes, transient analysis simulation programs, and years of experience designing, building, and using backplanes. Although the design could have been done with four layers, we chose to use eight layers so that we could have three layers of ground, two layers of VCC, and three separate signal layers. Three 2 oz. copper ground layers are used to fully shield the backplane to minimize RFI/EMI emission/susceptibility, to minimize crosstalk, and to maximize power distribution.

J1+J2 VME Monolithic Backplane

The Elma Bustronic J1+J2 VME Monolithic backplanes are 6U height and available in 2-21 slots.

J1, J2, J3 VME Backplanes

The J1, J2, and J3 (J0) VME backplanes come in 3U heights and various slot sizes. The J2 versions can also have the A+C rows bussed.

J2, J3 Development Backplanes

The J2 and J3 backplanes are ideal for prototyping. With all J2 pins undefined (except the B row) the J2 backplane allows flexibilty for testing and designing your system. The J3 development backplane has defined A+C rows as power, with B row remaining user-defined.

J2, J3 Overlays

The Overlays come in three forms -- VSB, J2-rows A+C, and J3-row B. The J2 overlay module is used to upgrade an existing VMEbus J2 backplane to include the pinouts needed to implement signal bussing of the A and C rows of the connector. Modules can be plugged into the pin side of the host backplane. All row A and C pins are bussed.

Gig E (VITA 31.1) Backplane

VITA 31.1 defines a pinout and interconnection methodology for implementing a 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet switched network on a VME64x backplane. The PICMG 2.16 Packet Switched backplane specification adds a switched network based on Gigabit Ethernet to cPCI backplanes.

VPX Backplanes

VPX uses the high-speed multi-gig connector in a mesh topology, vastly increasing the potential bandwidth of the system. While maintaining backward compatibility with legacy VME technology via preservation of the VMEbus 6U mechanical form factor and through-mapping of the current VMEbus signals to the VITA 46 connectors.

VXS Backplanes

Elma Bustronic has four versions of its VXS backplanes - Single Star, Dual Star, Mesh, and Processor Mesh. All Elma Bustronic VXS backplanes are compliant to the VITA 41.0 Rev. 1.10 core specification.


Elma Bustronic VME Chassis are compliant to Eurocard IEEE 1101.1 specifications. They are available in 6 different types, each with countless options and configurations available.

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