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CompactPCI Backplanes

Elma Bustronic has several variations of its CompactPCI backplane line. The categories below provide an overview on each type, including EasyCable, EasyPlug, Low Profile, 32-bit, PICMG 2.16, PICMG 2.17, and CompactPCI Express versions.

EasyCable™ cPCI - 3U, 6U

The EasyCable line features power nuts on the side of the backplane offering a convenient and easy way to wire the backplane. The 6U version standardly comes with an ATX connector in the rear and has options for H.110 for Computer Telephony.

EasyPlug™ cPCI - 3U, 6U, 9U

The EasyPlug line features pluggable 47-pin connectors for convenient hot swapping of power supplies. This saves system assembly time by reducing backplane cabling and reduces MTTR (mean time to repair). The 6U line standardly has vertically oriented power supply connectors. The 9U line is standardly horizontally oriented.

Low Profile cPCI - 3U, 6U, 7U

The Low Profile line features power studs between the slots to provide the most compact backplanes available. The backplanes can pack more slots into smaller, low profile horizontal chassis. The 6U line comes in standard cPCI, PICMG 2.16 (Compact Packet Switching), and PICMG 2.17 (StarFabric) options. The 7U line has various cabling and pluggable options for power and fan tray headers.

PICMG 2.16 (cPSB) - 6U

Compliant to the PICMG 2.16 specification for Compact Packet Switching Backplane. These backplanes standardly come in Low Profile format.


PICMG 2.17 (StarFabric) - 6U

Compliant to the PICMG 2.17 specification for StarFabric switched fabric. These backplanes standardly come in Low Profile format.

32-bit cPCI - 3U, 6U

This line of cPCI backplanes are 32-bit, as opposed to the standard 64-bit. The 32-bit line offers hundreds of I/O pins across the backplane that on the 64-bit version are defined and therefore unavailable.

CompactPCI Express (EXP0) - 3U

The EXP0 contains a system slot, one Type 1 slot, and two Type 2 slots. The backplane features a bridgeable section for a PCI-to-PCIe bridge.

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