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AdvancedTCA Backplanes

Elma Bustronic has three versions of its AdvancedTCA backplanes - Mesh, Dual Star (5U), and 7U Pluggable Dual Star. All Elma Bustronic ATCA backplanes are compliant to the PICMG 3.0 Rev. 1.0 specifications

Mesh ATCA Backplanes

The Elma Bustronic Mesh ATCA backplane line currently comes in a 2-slot point-to-point Mesh and a 5-slot Mesh.

The 5-slot has a 3X Replicated Mesh topology. Dual Star and Full Mesh topologies are implementable. There are connectors for optional plugging of the IPM Sentry Shelf Manager. Simulation/characterization studies confirm excellent signal integrity and performance.

Dual Star ATCA Backplanes

The Dual Star ATCA Backplane features 14 slots and is designed for "redundancy and pluggability everywhere". The backplane features pluggable modules for fan trays, power entry, and shelf managers.

ATCA Chassis

Elma offers ATCA chassis in 2U, 4U, 5U, and 13U heights. Various backplane and shelf management options are available.

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