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PCI Express Boards

The fast implementation of the PCI Express bus leads to an increasing demand for PCI Express boards. ADDI-DATA now responds with the first PCI Express boards for use in industrial environment.

Rely on the new standard and continue to benefit from products which meet your high safety and performance requirements!

Your advantages

PCI Express bus:
• Lower power demand
• Higher data transmission rates

ADDI-DATA boards:
• Numerous protective measures
• Long-term product availability
• Drivers compatibility of the ADDI-DATA PCI and PCI Express boards
• Drivers for Linux, Windows, ...

Digital I/O Board
Analog I/O Board

Relays Board
Serial Interfaces

Counter Board
Watchdog Board

Digital input and output board:


Digital I/O board, optically isolated, 64 digital inputs/outputs, 24V, 16 interruptible inputs


Digital I/O board, optically isolated, 32 digital inputs/outputs, 24V, 15 interruptible inputs


Digital I/O board, optically isolated, 16 digital inputs/outputs, 24V


Relay board:


Relay board, optically isolated, 8/16 relays, 8/16 digital inputs, 24 V


Multifunction counter board:


Multifunction counter board, optically isolated, fast counter inputs - programmable


Analog input and output boar:


Multifunction board, optically isolated, 16 SE/8 differential inputs, 8/4 analog outputs, 16-bit


Analog input board, optically isolated, 16 SE/8 differential inputs, 16-bit


Analog output board, optically isolated, 8/4 analog outputs, 16-bit


Serial Interfaces:


1 to 8-port serial interface, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL, modular mounting through modules

APCIe-7300 – 1-port serial interface
APCIe-7420 – 2-port serial interface
APCIe-7500 – 4-port serial interface
APCIe-7800 – 8-port serial interface




Watchdog board, optical isolated, 7 watchdogs/timer, 8 relays, 8 digital inputs, 24V


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