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PAC system with PCI boards

Distributed real-time data acquisition and control PAC system MSX-Box

The MSX-Box is a real-time PAC system (Programmable Automation Controller) based on open source. The system is optimised for industrial measurement, control and regulation tasks in real time.

• No need to take care of updates, no software licence costs: Operating system Linux with RTAI real-time extension
• Full machine time only for your application
• Individual application design through free access to the source code
• Free development tools on Live DVD
Download MSX-Box Live DVD (1.9 GB)
• Standard components such as PCI backplane, standard Ethernet, …
• For all PCI boards with Linux drivers
• Secured investment: long-term product availability
• Learn more on


The MSX-Box constists of two parts: The standard-based hardware and the free open source software.

Hardware: All standards

Work with technologies you know well: the MSX-Box is based exclusively on standard components which have confirmed to be effective and will be available for years:

• 64-bit MIPs processor PCI backplane without hard disk
• Flexible I/O configuration through PCI measurement boards
• Open and scalable, real-time, full machine time only for your application
• Real-time operating system Linux with RTAI extension
• Web server functions and FTP server
• Ethernet communication (TCP/IP)
• Web services (SOAP interface)
• Field bus interfaces (CAN, Profibus Slave, Interbus Master, RS232/RS485)
• Long-term availability wich secures your investment

Software: The open source philosophy on Live DVD

Save time and money: the open source philosophy is a constant theme of the MSX-Box software.

Your benefits:
• You decide whether and when to update your operating system: the system runs with the real-time operation system Linux with RTAI, which also allows to solve time-critical tasks.
• You have free access to the software down to the kernel source code. You can make extensive system adaptations and realise your own optimised measurement system.
• With the web server, the MSX-Box can be accessed anytime without additional program, as most PCs have a browser installed.
• You can program your own web interface for servicing the system.
• All MSX-Box development tools are licence-free. This saves expensive licence costs for serial equipment.
• The Live DVD includes all development tools you may need to run the MSX-Box. It is based on the 5.1.1 Knoppix version. We have selected Eclipse as development environment because it has become a standard.

You can download the Live DVD directly: Download MSX-Box Live DVD
(Version 00.00.13 - 1.9 GB)

Read more about the MSX-Box Live DVD: Developing with the Live DVD (PDF)


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