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PAC system with CompactPCI boards

Distributed real-time data acquisition and control PAC system MSX-Box with Compact-PCI backplane

The MSX-Box CPCI is a real-time open source PAC system (Programmable Automation Controller) with a CompactPCI backplane. The system is optimised for industrial measurement, control and regulation tasks in rough environment with shocks and vibrations. The functionalities of the PAC system are defined through the addition of CompactPCI boards.


The MSX-Box CPCI constists of two parts: The standard-based hardware and the free open source software.

Hardware: All standards

Work with technologies you know well: the MSX-Box is based exclusively on standard components which have confirmed to be effective and will be available for years:

• CompactPCI backplane
• 2 versions: 4 or 10 CompactPCI slots, other housing dimensions on request
• 64-bits MIPs processor
• Flexible I/O configuration through CompactPCI measurement boards
• Standard interface: RS232
• Field bus interfaces: CAN, Profibus Slave

Software: The open source philosophy on Live DVD

• Standard Ethernet
• Real-time operating system RTAI Linux
• Free access to the software up to the kernel source code for far-reaching modifications of the measuring system
• The web server can be accessed through every browser
• License-free development tools
• Live DVD with development tools and development environment Eclipse

Most current applications:

• Measurement, control and regulation tasks
• Machine control
• Industrial automation processes
• Automatic test equipement
• Multichannel data acquisition, data logger
• Motion control
• Lenght measurement


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