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Data logger

Data recording and visualisation

MSX-ilog data loggers from ADDI-DATA are used for continual data acquisition and storage over longer periods of time. Diverse physical measurements can be captured and shown in three different display modes. Data storage and visualisation take place parallel to one another. The MSX-ilog data loggers are configured over a web-based user interface in a standard browser. Hence, each measurement application can be operated quickly and easily without the need for additional programming.


• Industry standard solutions
• One-time acquisition costs (no additional license costs)
• Independent of operating systems
• Software integrated in hardware – no installation necessary
• Simple operation via the web-based user interface
• Recording of a number of signal types as physical measurement data
• Rapid capture


• Long-term recording of many signal types
• Visualisation: Live or recorded data using a curve diagram, display of value or level
• Setup of the test point without programming knowledge
• Different start / stop trigger possibilities
• Alarm and export function (xls, csv)
• Ethernet-based solutions
• Web-based user interfaces without installation of programs
• Can be used as a stand-alone system

Application areas

• Environmental technology
• Aviation
• Research and development
• Engineering
• Building services
• Monitoring of infrastructure
• Energy industry
• Transport monitoring
• Stock control
• Chemicals

Functionalities of the MSX-Ilog-systems:

• MSX-Ilog-AI-16: 16 analog inputs, SE/diff, 16-bit
• MSX-Ilog-RTD-TC: 16/8 channels for thermocouples or RTD, 24-bit


Flyer MSX-ilog
(PDF, 498 KB)


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