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Connection technology

Terminal panels


Terminal panels & Cables

Reliable data transfer must be ensured when designing systems in which the PC takes on important controlling and regulating tasks. Interaction of the individual components involved determines the operational reliability of the entire system.

Screw terminal panels

PX 901

Screw terminal boards, with housing for DIN rail

PX 9000

3-row screw terminal board

PX 9200

Screw terminal board for the APCI-3122 and APCI-3504

PX 8000

Screw terminal board with 50 signal lines

PX 8500

8-channel relay output board

PX 3200

Screw terminal board for the APCI-3200 and APCI-3300

PX 3701

Connection box for the APCI-3701


BNC connection box


Standard cables


Shielded standard round cable, 2 m


Shielded standard round cable, 5m

ST010-S, ST011-S

Standard round cable, shielded, for high currents, 2/5 m


Connection cable between dig. outputs and PX 8500


Round cable between relay output boards and connection boards

ST074, ST075

Connection cable for 4-port serial interfaces, shielded

ST7809, ST7805

Connection cable for 8-port serial interfaces, shielded

Other round cables

Overview table: ADDI-DATA round cables

Ribbon cables

Overview table: ADDI-DATA ribbon cables


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