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Séries "NW"

AC/DC - DC/DC Power supplies

25-50 Watts Single & Dual Outputs, 90 to 130 Vac Input, 47-440 Hz Single Phase

The NW family of hi-density AC-DC/ DC-DC converters, which were designed as military grade stand alone units, can also be integrated in complex power systems. The NW power supply series uses a double-ended forward converter topology. This topology dramatically reduces switching losses to yield higher converter efficiencies and lower output ripple. Advanced current mode control is utilized enabling fast transient response time. The switching frequency of the NW series is fixed at 200 KHz to minimize noise and allow for simplified EMI filtering. Sufficient capacitance on the input and output, internal to the unit, allows for simple use and operation with no external components in most applications.

• Over Temperature Protection
• Remote Turn On (TTL)
• Output Overvoltage
• Overcurrent Protection
• 100% Environmental Screening (M Version)
• Remote Sense (NW25S)


NW Series

Product Name

Typical Imput Voltage / channel

Nominal Output Voltages

# of Outputs


110 Vac/150 Vdc




110 Vac/150 Vdc




NW Series (PDF 445KBytes) Application Notes and Case Drawings

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