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Séries "C" e "CC"

C Series
12 - 100 Watt Single Output Power Supply
CC Series
5 - 140 Watt Dual Output Power Supply


High reliability linear single and dual output converters.

Low ripple, 50 mV P-P max.

187 standard models.



24 - 30 Vdc.  Other standard inputs available (see H option).

Output (nominal):

5 - 100 Vdc (single output)
± 3 to ±30 Vdc (dual output).


Up to 55%.

Line Regulation:

Single output with 0.1%, dual output within 0.2% or 10 mV (whichever is greater) for change from low line to high line with load constant.

Load Regulation:

Single output within 0.1%, dual output within 0.2% or 20 mV (whichever is greater) for change from no load to full load with line constant.

Auxiliary Output Tracking:

CC Models. The negative output will track the positive output within 1% or 100 mV (whichever is greater) for all rated conditions.

Pard (Noise and Ripple):

0.02%  or 5 mV rms (whichever is greater), 50 mV P-P at 25 MHz bandwidth.

Isolation Voltage:

200 Vdc, input to output; 200 Vdc, input to case; 200 Vdc, output to case.

Insulation Resistance:

50 Mohms between input and output, input and case, output and case, when measured at 50 Vdc.


Inputs and outputs are isolated. Either positive or negative side of output may be grounded.

Temperature Range:

Operating: -55°C to +100°C maximum, at center of the baseplate. Storage: -55°C to +125°C, ambient.

Temperature Coefficient:

0.03% / °C maximum.

Input Transient Protection:

Unit will withstand 80 Vdc for 0.1 second, in accordance with MIL-STD-704A.

Load Transient Recovery:

Single output: output voltage returns to regulation limits within 150 microseconds. Dual output: output voltage returns to regulation limits within 200 microseconds after 50% change in load current

Turn-on/Turn-off Overshoot:

Single output 0.1% or 20 mV (whichever is greater), dual output 0.2% or 30 mV (whichever is greater) from nominal voltage set point.

Short Circuit Protection:

Completely protected against a short circuit of any duration. Output automatically restores to normal when overload is removed.

Overvoltage Protection:

External modules are available for use with all models and internal OVP circuit is available for selected models. Please see -1 option.


Units were designed and built to minimize EMI/EMC emissions, and comply with the requirements of MIL-STD-461A by virtue of their topology, construction and enclosure.


MTBF is calculated per MIL-HDBK-217D at 50°C baseplate temperature with maximum operating input voltage and maximum rated output power. The MTBF for C5D10 at ground benign environment is 248,367 hours.


Encapsulated and hermetically sealed to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810C.


Standard unit is provided with an input solder pin header and an output "hermetic seal" stud-type connector.

Weight (Lbs.):

1.2 - 7.9

Size (inches):

See Selection Chart. (PDF)

Model Numbering System

Model Series

Nominal Output Voltage

Header Type



Maximum Output Current







*C is for single output, CC is for dual output.

SELECTION CHART for listing of popular models and case sizes, and pin outs.


A Option:

Special Connectors. A military-type hermetically sealed connector is provided in place of our standard input header to extend out the top surface. To order, replace the "D" in the model with "A".

E Option:

Severe Shock, Acceleration and Vibration. Enables all units to withstand 60 g's shock, 50 g's acceleration and 30g's vibration. To order, add "E" after "D" in the model number.

H Option:

Wide Input Voltage. Recenters the input voltage to provide alternate inputs from 20 Vdc to 32 Vdc. To order, add an "H" after the "D" in the model number. Add new input voltage range in parentheses.  For input range of 22 to 32 Vdc (max. limit) a 10% derating is required.  Input range can vary between 6 Vdc without derating i.e. 26-32 Vdc, 20-26 Vdc.

L Option:

Remote Turn On/Off. Provides isolated terminals to turn output on/off with TTL logic signal. To order, add "L" after "D" in the model number.

R Option:

An adjustment potentiometer can be remotely located to adjust the output voltage. To order, add "R" after the "D" in the model number.

Y Option:

Remote Error Sensing. Regulator monitors the output voltage directly at the load using extra "sensing" leads and compensates for a dc voltage drop of up to 0.3 volts in the load lead. This option is inluded at no extra charge when Option A is ordered. To order, add "Y" after "D" in the model number.

-ER Option:

Provides increased reliability by using higher levels of military grade components. To order, add "-ER" after the model number.

-1 Option:

Internal Overvoltage Protection. Provides a crowbar internal OVP. May inccrease case size. To order, add "-1" to the end of the model number.  Consult factory for details.

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