iKey Solution: The Perfect Keyboards for Medical Carts


For buyers of peripherals for medical settings, quality counts. iKey is a name you often see for rugged peripherals, especially those used for medical settings and scientific research labs.

iKey keyboards are fully sealed and easy to clean and disinfect with hospital-recommended disinfectants. They are also just the right size for patient rooms and medical carts. See our example below, with the Retcam3 medical cart from Natus Medical, featuring an iKey SL-86-911-FSR-USB. When your staff uses peripherals designed specifically for their role, it makes a huge difference in patient care, time spent, and overall cost of services.

The cart here features an iKey SL-86-911-FSR-USB keyboard. The customer, Natus Medical, formerly Clarity Medical Systems, needed a fully sealed and easy to clean keyboard that is fully submersible, with a sensitive touchpad for pointing device, which would fit perfectly into their cart design. This keyboard can be cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants in seconds.

SLK-102-TP-FL Fully Cleanable, Sealed SlimKey-MD™ Keyboard with Touchpad

Designed for the infection control challenges of today’s healthcare environment, the SlimKey-MD™ SLK-102-TP-FL medical keyboard is ideal for use in an array of clinical settings. It is manufactured with an integrated GlidePoint™ touchpad pointing device and red LED backlit keys. Featuring a sealed industrial silicone keypad and low-profile keys, the SlimKey-MD™ SLK-102-TP-FL is easily disinfected using any hospital cleaning agent. Other standard features include 12 function keys and an oversized numeric pad. SlimKey-MD™ medical keyboards are compatible with germicidal sprays and wipes, making them ideal for use in ORs, patient rooms, on carts and at nursing stations.

DT-OM AquaPoint™ Sealed Optical Mouse from iKey

iKey's AquaPoint™ mouse is made from the same materials as all of our rugged peripherals and it is NEMA 4X. This mouse is an excellent choice to upgrade standard office mice that commonly fail in harsh environments. It has a smooth surface and is easy to clean and disinfect quickly, with hospital-grade cleaners. (White or black)

Other medical and scientific research keyboard options include:

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