What Hazardous Areas Need: iKey Intrinsically Safe Keyboards

Highlight: DT-5K-FSR-IS Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe Keyboard

iKey is now shipping its Intrinsically safe keyboards models. We've passed the new certification process and are filling all previous purchase orders and new requests. Featured above is DT-5K-FSR-IS.

These are the world's most reliable, trusted and rugged IS keyboards.

iKey’s newly certified IS keyboards with integrated mouse and pointing devices are now equipped with the FSR (Force Sensing Resistor) technology, which is an improvement over our older Hulapoint. No mechanical parts = better reliability. Our IS industrial keyboards have been designed and manufactured to be suitable for use in hazardous locations. Choose from desktop or panel mount.

The DT-5K-FSR-IS keyboard features an integrated Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) pointing device and comes enclosed in non-corrosive stainless steel with optical isolated barriers and bulkhead cables for complete protection. DT-5K-FSR-IS has:

Pointing Device HP-DT-FSR-IS

The HP-DT Force Sensing Resistor combines the functionality of a mouse and the flexibility of a joystick in one convenient, small-footprint package. Housed in a sturdy stainless steel case, it provides pressure-sensitive feedback for positive motion control without requiring vigorous movement. The low-profile design contains no protruding parts that might break and no moving elements to collect dust. The HP-DT can withstand spills, washdowns, contaminants and the impacts of an industrial environment. This product is ideal to incorporate into your production systems and custom peripherals.


Panel Mount IS Keyboard PM-2000-FSR-IS

Panel mount PM-2000-FSR-IS is intrinsically safe and mountable. Why choose it? The design allows for better function and control of the cursor given that the mouse is not integrated into the keyboard, when space is available.

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