the top 100 cold storage companies have one thing in common: iKey keyboards.

SL-91 Compact Keyboard with Epoxy Keys

Featured here, SL-91 is our sealed, rugged keyboard with unique epoxy-coverd keys, ideal for gloved use for food and beverage manufacturing, and any other industrial setting. SL-91 is a #1 choice for cold storage users. Fully mountable.

iKey®’s innovative SL-91 mobile keyboard was designed to accommodate rugged applications in manufacturing, material handling and remote data entry. Its unique epoxy-coated keys are arranged for convenient gloved-hand use. It features a small-footprint design, mounting holes in its case and a 10-key numeric pad. Like other keyboards in the iKey line, the SL-91 is constructed using a robust polycarbonate case and industrial silicone keypad, sealing it from dust, liquids and corrosives. The SL-91 is a true workhorse and in use globally.


IK-88-TR Keyboard
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