Not All Medical Keyboards Are Equal, iKey SL-80-TP

Compact, liquid proof and easy to disinfect! Just what your team needs for safe mobile computing.

More and more medical professionals are upgrading to medical-grade, truly rugged keyboards. Say hello to the world's most reliable and rugged medical keyboard: SL-80-TP, in white or black.

Every medical room, patient room, lab or medical cart can use an iKey rugged keyboard like SL-80-TP. This mobile solution has perfectly sealed keys; it is liquid-proof, waterproof, easy to disinfect, includes a sensitive touchpad and is easy to move around. It's ideal for patient-facing rooms, dialysis centers and medical carts.

The SL-80-TP keyboard is used by hospitals and medical organizations and companies you know and trust for medical care and dialysis treatment. We have filled requests for medical workers from community hospitals, large dialysis providers and also orders from dentists and doctor offices. In some cases, this keyboard is used for patient entertainment.

This is one of our skinniest profiles, at 12.934" x 5.89" by just 0.50" tall.

IK-88-TR Keyboard
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