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ELMA: Optima EPS Acquires Stantron &
APW Mayville Brand Cabinets

Optima EPS expands into broadcast and data center enclosure markets with APWMayville, Stantron acquisition

ELMA, an international leading provider of embedded computer and technology solutions, announced today an expansion of its Optima EPS operations with the acquisition of Stantron broadcast cabinets and APW Mayville datacenter cabinets.

“These newest assets demonstrates ELMA’s commitment to providing rock-solid infrastructure to broadcast, communications, military, datacenters, and many other industries,” said Fred Ruegg, President of ELMA Americas, headquartered in Fremont, CA. “Adding Stantron and APW Mayville’s specialized products to the extensive offering of cabinets and enclosures, Optima EPS extends and expands our ability to safely and securely house high-availability datacenter assets and other specialty equipment regardless of the environment.”

“Stantron broadcast cabinets combined with Optima EPS provides a particularly robust product offering to today and tomorrow’s television, radio, Internet and new media companies,” Ruegg continued. “Optima EPS already provides remarkable ruggedized mobile cabinets mounted in tractor trailers for onsite broadcasting and datacenter equipment at events. The combination of Stantron and Optima EPS will create formidable solutions for the industry.”

Optima EPS, an ELMA company, manufactures cabinets, desktop/wallmount enclosures, rackmount chassis, consoles/desks and specialty instrument carts. Synonymous with broadcasting, Stantron, including Pioneer Cabinets, provides specialized enclosures for audio and video equipment, cables, servers and much more for television, radio and other broadcast production. APW Mayville provides a variety of datacenter racks and enclosures including the 19-inch NexServ Cabinets.

“Stantron and APW Mayville found the perfect home,” said Dan Eder, owner of Mayville Products Corp. of Mayville, WI, 50 miles northwest of Milwaukee. Mayville Products Corp. sold the two brands along with existing products, designs and equipment. “ELMA and Optima EPS provide expertise and a path for the future for Stantron and APW Mayville.”

Just outside Atlanta, Optima EPS customizes cabinets and enclosures based on a customer’s specific needs, often for harsh environments, ruggedized for military use, reinforced for seismic events, shielded against electromagnetic interference, protected against fire/heat, or any combination thereof. ELMA Optima EPS cabinets and enclosures are in the air, in outer space, underwater, in battle, constantly on the move and tested in a variety of conditions.

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