Two-Touch 5-Wire Resistive Touch Controller

A D Metro’s new solution is for applications that require resistive touch sensors, but also demand two-touch capability.

Our recently-developed (patent pending) two-touch resistive touch screen controller works with standard 5-wire resistive sensors. It delivers two-touch capability demanded by today’s GUIs in applications facing the demanding environments that only resistive touch sensors can endure.

The board design is dimensionally identical to many common single touch resistive controllers. As well, the connectors used are compatible with our current line of single touch resistive controllers to allow for a seamless and easy conversion to our new two-touch controller.

At 100 touch points per second for single touch and 70 touch points per second for two-touch, this solution easily facilitates fast and smooth touch operations.

The controller also offers HID Plug & Play in Windows with Linux soon to follow.

A D Metro’s Two Touch Controller brings new capabilities to the reliable tried and tested 5-Wire Resistive technology

This new technology offers:

1) Full two-touch operation, ideal for pinch, zoom, rotate and drag gestures.
2) All the performance and capabilities normally associated with 5-wire resistive touch technology.


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