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DAQ board for LVDT and half-bridge transducers

Acquisition of displacement transducers via PCI

The number of applications with transducers has highly increased, particularly in the automation and process control. The acquisition of these signals with a PC-based solution provides the user the advantages of an opened system: this one can directly acquire and analyse signals and, if necessary, react to improper measurements.

Addi-Data has developped a new measurement board for the PCI bus, the board APCI-3701, for the acquisition of 8 to 16 displacement transducers. The board can connect a lot of half and fullbridge transducers with a resolution of 16 bits. The amplitude and frequency supply (1 to 50 kHz) are adjusted by software. A library collects the parameters of the supported sensors: the used sensors are selected per mouse click and the board adapts automatically on their properties. The user dipose of following diagnostic functions: short-circuit and break line recognition of sensor supply and signal line. The board starts the acquisition via external or software trigger or via timer. The data is read through a 32-bit DMA or a 32-bit data access directly in the PC memory. The board generates an interrupt precisely after a predefined number of measured data.

16 additional I/O channels with isolation can process 24V digital signals. The connecting box is equipped with 5 pin female sockets: therefore, the sensors can be directly connected.
Software support includes standard drivers for Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0 and Linux as well as programming examples for C, VB ...

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