ADDI-DATA offers several solutions to enable you to connect up to 8 EnDat 2.2 encoders and to acquire the position value of absolute encoders.

High requirements to the subsequent electronics

The EnData 2.2 interface is a real challenge for the subsequent electronics, whether PC based or distributed: high-precise position acquisition at high clock frequency, velocity, robustness and noise immunity are some of the properties the subsequent electronics should feature.

EnDat 2.2 is a bidirectional synchronous-serial interface for position encoders

EnDat 2.2 is able to transmit position values from absolute encoders as well as to transmit parameters, status and initialisiation descriptions, additional information about the position value (diagnostic data).

EnData 2.2 solutions by ADDI-DATA support the analysis of diagnostic values and the access to the OEM memory space. EnDat is a pure digital serial interface.

Properties of EnDat 2.2:

EnDat 2.2 solutions by ADDI-DATA

PCI-Express boards

Compact-PCI Serial boards

PCI-Express multifunction counter board APCIe-1711

CompactPCI Serial multifunction counter board CPCIs-1711


PCI boards

Intelligent Ethernet systems

PCI motion control board APCI-8008

Ethernet EnDat counter system MSX-E1731


EnDat 2.2 application examples

Acquisition of position encoders

Exact axis positioning for the regulation of surface measurement devices for rotationally symmetric parts (e.g. gear wheels)

Measurement device for clutch discs

Automatic measurement device for functional reliability tests of pull-back springs on clutch discs
Measurement device for clutch discs

Position acquisition in a welding process

For the position acquisition of the glass components, the Ethernet counter system MSX-E1731 with EnDat 2.2 sensors has been chosen due to its speed and precision.

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