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Abbott Electronics - Martek Power


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A D Metro


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Cursor Controls Ltd. 


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x86 Network Appliances


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NIC Modules


IPMI Cards


Network Processing Cards



iKey: IK-SAM-AT Attachable Keyboard for Galaxy Tab Active2


Lanner: Delivering Real-time 100 Gbps DDoS Protection with Reduced Time to Mitigation and Operational Complexity


ADDI-DATA: Acquisition of EnDat 2.2 encoders


ADDI-DATA: MSX-Box series – Programmable Automation Controller system in real-time


iKey: IK-88-TP-USB Full Travel Keyboard


iKey: BT-870-TP & -SLIM Fully Sealed, Dual-Connectivity Keyboard


Lanner: NCA-1510: Designed for Managing SME Edge Security


Abaco Systems: First Small Form Factor Mission Ready Systems Based on Innovative Lightning Platform


Abaco Systems: ‘Lightning’ Mission Ready Systems Platform


Abaco Systems: BT3-USB-MON Rugged Monitor and Analysis Tool for MIL-STD-1553 Users


Lanner: Network Appliances for Mitigating Network Security Risks between Edge and Core


Lanner: Protect Your Valuable Data from Ransomware with Network Security Appliances


Lanner: NCA-6210, a High Performance Network Appliance for Network Security and Virtualization


Lanner: Ensure Physical Security with Fanless Embedded PC


Abaco Systems: New High Performance FMC + Direct RF Conversion Module


Abaco Systems: New Carrier Cards Bring Significant I/O Flexibility at Reduced Cost


A D Metro: Next Generation Projected Capacitive Touch Technology now Developed


Abaco Systems: AXIS ImageFlex - Image Processing and Visualization Toolkit


Diamond: VENUS Rugged Small Form Factor SBC with 2.6GHz Intel Skylake 6th Generation Core i7/i5 Processor


ADDI-DATA: Digital Pitch Tracking Monitor


Abaco Systems Announces Uniquely Flexible 40 Gigabit Ethernet Switch for High Performance Dynamic Networks, HPEC Systems


Abaco Systems Announces Advanced Signal Processing Board for Electronic Warfare Applications


ADDI-DATA: PCI-Express length measurement board


Abaco Systems Honored with Two Gold Awards by Military & Aerospace Electronics 2016 Innovators Awards Program


Diamond: EAGLE I/O-Rich SBCs and Carrier Boards


Abaco: PPC11A, new Single Board Computer, cost-effective, low risk upgrade opportunity


Abaco: Future Airbone Capability Environment (FACE™)


ADDI-DATA MSX-WL Sistemas inteligentes para controle de dados via Wi-Fi no Tablet ou Smartphone


Abaco Systems Adds 40 Gigabit Ethernet to High Performance Multiprocessor for Ultimate Throughput in Demanding Applications


Lanner: LEC-7070, PC fanless de alta performance para aplicações industriais e embarcadas


ADDI-DATA: Medição de temperatura em turbinas eólicas com MSX-E


Lanner: Computadores para área de energia (IEC 61850-3)


iKey: SLK-79-FSR - Mobile Backlit Keyboard with Force Sensing Resistor


Veja as fotos de nossa participação na ISC Brasil 2016, junto de nossa representada Innodisk


iKey: Teclado robustecido do tipo "snap in" para Tablets Toughpad FZ-G1 da Panasonic


Diamond: Jupiter-MM-5000 PC/104, high-efficiency, high-precision family of DC/DC power supply


Abaco Systems, former GE embedded technology and systems business launches, prioritizes innovation and customer service


iKey's IK-77-FSR NEMA 4X Compact Mobile Keyboard


Veja nosso anúncio na revista Business Review Brasil. Uma parceria BL Representações, A D Metro e Diebold


iKey's DU-5K NEMA 4X desktop keyboard with force sensing resistor


iKey's SL-86-911-461 military keyboard


Participação da BL Representações na Embedded System Conference Brazil (ESC 2014)


Visita da BL Representações à sua representada inglesa Cursor Controls.


Fastwel: COM Express Module CPC1301 - End of life


iKey: Teclados SlimKey-MD™, desenvolvidos para as áreas médico-hospitalares.


Diamond: Opal-MM PC/104 PC/104 Opto In & Relay Out Module - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: Crystal-MM PC/104 Audio Module - End of life (PDF)


ADDI-DATA: MSX-ilog-AI-16 - Data Logger Inteligente e I/O com Comunicação via Ethernet.


ELMA: Optima EPS expands into broadcast and data center enclosure markets with APWMayville, Stantron acquisition.


GE IP: ALL Computer Dynamics (CDI) product excluding the Wolverine III will be taken to EOL status - End of life (PDF)


ADDI-DATA: MSX-E7511 – Interfaces Seriais com Comunicação via Ethernet.


Diamond: Aurora - Single Board Computer com Intel® Atom™ de 1,6GHz em formato super compacto.


GE IP: bCOM2-L1100 - módulo COM Express robustecido de alta performance para ambientes hostis e espaço limitado.


Cursor Controls: L38 Series navigation sensor upgrade - Product Change Notice (PDF)


Diamond: Athena II and Hercules II Families of Single Board Computers - End of life (PDF)


GE IP: Wolverine, Wolverine II and Wolverine II with IS Barrier - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: Poseidon EPIC Single Board Computers and their Accessories - End of life (PDF)


BL Representações e iKey Anunciam parceria.


Diamond: Product Change Notice - New versions of the Pluto ERS Single Board Computers (PDF)


Diamond: Helios model HLV300-128DV PC/104 SBC - End of life (PDF)


ADDI-DATA: MSX-ilog, “data logger” para gravação e visualização de dados.


Diamond: Athena II and Hercules II SBC families - Continued Availability Program (PDF)


Diamond: PGS800-256-2G Pegasus SBC - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: Emerald-MM-DIO PC/104 Serial I/O Module - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: DMM - Diamond-MM 16 Channel Analog I/O PC/104 Module - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: DMM-48-AT / DMM-48U-AT - Diamond-MM-48 16 Channel Analog I/O PC/104 Modules - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: EMM-XT - Emerald-MM 2 Port Serial Channel PC/104 I/O Module - End of life (PDF)


Diamond: PMM-S - Pearl-MM-S 16 SPDT Relay PC/104 I/O Module - End of life (PDF)


ADDI-DATA: Cartão multifunção p/ medição de ruído e vibrações


Diamond: Rhodeus SBC "low-cost" PC/104 para aplicações embedded de média performance


A BL Representações e GE Intelligent Platforms - Embedded Systems Anunciam parceria


ADDI-DATA: Módulos Ethernet Inteligentes


Diamond Systems: CPU EPIC Poseidon


CCUR: Avaliability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time


NEMA Definitions


Diamond Systems: EBX CPU - End of life (PDF)


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CCUR: Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time


Concurrent's Redhawk Selected by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry for Japanese Naval Defense


Concurrent RedHawk Linux OS and NightStar Tools to Support Time-Critical Applications


Lockheed Martin Selects Concurrent's RedHawk Linux for THAAD Missile Defense Program


BL Representações e 3D Perception Anunciam Parceria


ADDI-DATA: DAQ board for LVDT and half-bridge transducers


Concurrent: RedHawk for the AMD Opteron


Elma announces unique Rugged VXI Enclosure


Equipamentos em Aço Inoxidável


Tecnodrill: Digimill 3D





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