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Exporting to Brazil

Details and Basic Instructions - Exporting to Brazil

As a general rule, exporting to Brazil is not complicated, but a few rules must be strictly followed. Also, always the priority must be given to special instructions received from customers.

1) Brazilian laws require that all shipments to Brazil must be sent with an original hand signed invoice. Not complying to this rule will cause problems to clear shipment from Brazilian customs.

2) Invoice must state all usual information as description, unit values, total invoice value, part number, harmonized code, etc. Invoices must be originals, handsigned and must show exactly the same items and values as in the pro-forma invoice.

3) To Brazil, in all normal export, shipment is not supposed to be by Express Courier companies. Law, permits exports up to US$ 3,000.00 ( invoice + freight + insurance ), to be done by Express Courier, but this is a very special case, and Import License for this case is different from a regular one. Import tax in this case is normally higher as well. Only use this shipment method when this is a requirement from buyer.

4) Customers in Brazil normally like to receive a copy of the invoice faxed, and sometimes will require exporter to submit them to approval prior to shipment.


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